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Abundance – Myths, Meanings and Manifestation

Jan MooreAbundance is important. Why? Because it is one of the key ingredients of a happy life.

First and foremost let’s be clear – Abundance is not just about money…

In fact, too much focus on money can slow down the flow of abundance …

When it is said ‘Money is the root of all evil’, from a Divine Quantum Universe perspective ‘worship’ of money is truly the false idol (the Golden Calf)
What is Abundance, What isn’t Abundance and How Do We Manifest Abundance in our Lives?


Two Key things you must know about Abundance…

First, as Eckhart Tolle said in his book ‘A New Earth’:

“You cannot manifest what you want; you can only manifest what you already have”

This seems to be a paradox, but it means that to manifest abundance you have to feel abundant.  Everything is already in the Quantum field waiting to manifest, you just have to connect with it at the matching vibrational frequency.

Second, until you express gratitude for everything that you have NOW, you will never achieve the level of abundance that is your birthright…

There are many myths and misunderstandings about Abundance so let’s clear up some of these by first looking at Five Things Abundance is Not:


The Myths of Abundance

  1. Belief in scarcity or lack is the opposite of abundance. It is fear of ‘not enough’. Not enough money, not enough time, and (about ourselves) not good enough, not rich enough, not thin enough etc. Lack of self-worth is the primary block to your abundance and building self-worth is a major focus of aSmilingWorld’s teaching.
  2. Extravagance and Excess – throwing money or resources around. Extravagance is often an emotional outlet for an emotional need (lack). Extravagance is not the same as generosity. Excess in one area indicates lack in another.
  3. Waste – the outcome of excess. It shows a lack of appreciation for your resources (gifts). When you consume to excess, you waste resources. When you appreciate your resources you use them consciously and receive an abundance of value from them.
  4. Consumerism. Feeling the need to get more and more material possessions is a sign of lack. It indicates ‘not enough’ and usually relates to lack of self-worth.
  5. Dependent on the money in your bank account, the size of your house, or the model and age of your car. You can have no money and no possessions and feel abundant. You can have millions in the bank and every luxury imaginable and still feel they are “not enough”.


The Meanings of Abundance

Five Things Abundance Is:

  1. An inner state of mind or perception – gratitude, appreciation and the belief that you have, and will always have enough, because you live in a loving and abundant universe. I have a saying – “Until you recognize that true abundance comes from within, you will always be without.”
  2. Abundance is feeling ‘enough’ in every aspect of your life – money, time, energy, skills, food, and natural resources! It applies especially to your self-image and self-worth. What you have on the outside is a reflection of how you see yourself on the inside.
  3. Abundance comes from giving and sharing, not getting or taking. Giving with love is the greatest demonstration of your abundance and opens the door to receiving abundance in return.
  4. Frugality.Frugality enables generosity.” From the Tao Te Ching. Frugality is living without waste. It not only enables generosity to others, but your resources expand and go much further. It is an outward demonstration of appreciation.
  5. A choice YOU make in the present moment. You have abundance NOW if you choose to feel abundant.


How to Manifest Abundance Right Now:

  1. Show Gratitude For All Things (Remember there is no good or bad there just ‘is’) – everything you experience is a blessing, whether it is a gift, a course correction or a lesson.
  2. Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t haveanytime you think of ‘not enough or need’ remember like attracts like… You’ll realize how much abundance you already have.
  3. Focus on solutions not problems and be alert for ‘Inspired’ actions to take – allow the universe to guide you to your outcome.
  4. Abundance flows when you live consciously and in alignment with your soul purpose and life purpose and with the Universe. Take the time to discover your purpose and follow your chosen path, look after your physical body and be mindful of your impact on Mother Earth.
  5. Stay in the present moment. Live in the NOW. Accept the Scenic Path to the Outcome: The Divine Quantum Universe takes us to our outcomes in the way that teaches us what we need to learn so it is not linear – show gratitude every step of the way

You have abundance now. Once you recognize it and appreciate it you’ll open the flood gates to more abundance and you’ll be amazed and delighted at the miracles that unfold.



Jan Moore is one of the leading empowerment, mindset and manifestation mentors and trainers in the personal and spiritual development community. She is an authority on human personality, spiritual laws, mindfulness and manifestation and her intuitive insights have created lasting transformation for people around the world.

You can reach Jan through her website or directly at 1-512-487-2980 (USA) or +44-203-808-714 (UK).




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