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About Abundance

Internationally renowned author and speaker, Dr Wayne Dyer said ‘Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.’

This simple definition implies that abundance requires very little effort! The words ‘hard’ or ‘work’ or ‘struggle’ or even ‘reward’ are not even hinted at!

Can it really be that easy?

Is it possible to just ‘tune into’ abundance in the same way as we become aware of birdsong, or an interesting conversation, or a favourite song on the radio?

Tuning into abundance involves opening your eyes and ears and all your other senses so that you awaken yourself to the myriad of wealth and blessings that surround you.

It means consciously taking note of every good thing in your world – from the simplest, like the smile of a child, to the most complex, like the workings of the universe.

Count your blessings at every opportunity and, before long, you will understand what abundance really is and recognise that it has always been yours.

It’s all there. It always was.

It only needed your attention to be made manifest.



In 2015, I set up Horses Connect, a non-profit company based in the West of Ireland dedicated to helping people of all ages, with all kinds of life and other challenges.  After a colorful and adventurous life (career-wise)  I now work with people and horses. I teach and I learn – boy, do I learn!

Horses connect us to our true value and full potential in a unique and powerful way and it is my privilege to facilitate that connection. We design a range of equine-assisted programs for individuals and groups, and our equine team help us deliver those programs.

I am particularly interested in personal development and was blogging about the topic long before blogging became popular, or profitable.

I have a Masters in Writing from NUI, Galway and tons of other random qualifications.


Twitter – @horsesconnect




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