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A Diatribe against the Propagation of Ignorance!

The word ‘diatribe’ may be excessive, but, I am extremely passionate about what I am about to write. I totally reject all those who propagate ignorance on all levels, apathy, poverty on all levels including the mind and heart, and intransigence in all its forms. No one can dialogue with anyone in a meaningful manner to stimulate positive change when anyone is closed in their mind and heart, and unfortunately, this is the case with the majority of the human race. I believe I happen to know why this is so, and this is why I went to Hypnotherapy school and studied the sub-conscious mind. In fact, after being in the healing arts for more than 25 years, and having spent the better part of 62 years healing/improving myself, I have arrived at various conclusions, which are unadorned and quite blunt.

(The image of the scales represents the ability to be balanced within, and to have a balanced mind and heart, where ignorance cannot reside)
(The image of the scales represents the ability to be balanced within, and to have a balanced mind and heart, where ignorance cannot reside)

I have observed how the few shadowy figures, who keep themselves hidden, mostly, have striven to conquer and control the human race on this planet. There are many who have observed this, but, the vast majority of human beings do not observe how they are being systematically restricted, limited, abused, killed and maimed, and, indeed controlled. Frankly, many of such people will never know what is really going on in this life. They will go down with Titanic Earth wondering what happened.  These people just do not have the capacity to know anything more than satisfying what they believe are their ‘needs,’ Give them some money, a TV, a car, some food, no matter how contaminated it may be, including the water, and let them vote in what appears to be a democratic process, and they will follow the line, no questions asked. Such people are yet to develop the ability to think critically, without being told what to do, when to do it and how.

These people are probably infant, baby and very young souls who are yet to learn what they have come to this 3D reality on planet Earth to learn. It may take them hundreds of incarnations. I know, because I have been there, and I did learn over hundreds of lifetimes, and now that I know much more than I did, both my mind and my heart are sufficiently open to entertain new ideas, even if they oppose my own. Unfortunately, such closed and limited people are in the majority, and their group consciousness is reflected by the leaders we have in power. In fact, every leader is the reflection of the consciousness of the people. Sometimes, something unusual happens, like Donald Trump, an outsider, not even a politician was elected the President of the USA in 2016. Those who seek ultimate control of all people and the planet were shocked, and then outraged. Consequently, they waged a campaign to get rid of him, and in doing so, are succeeding in the destruction of all structures by which human beings live presently. This, in and of itself, is not bad, because out of the chaos and mayhem may come positive change if the people wake up in time.

I am not political in any way, because I gave that up when I stood for County Politics in England, many years ago, and what I observed and experienced, such as the lies, the deception, the naivete and gullibility of the people, caused me, then and there, to be A-political. Instead of political parties, I support anyone whom I like and stands for the principles I stand for. There are few I can resonate with, but, I did admire Margaret Thatcher, only to find that she too was beguiled by something or someone I know not of. Another person I can support is Donald Trump, not because I like him as a personality, but because of what he does, even while under constant fire by the opposition, and even by members of his own party. I do not see Trump as a Republican, instead I see him as a businessman who considers making the best deal possible for the people rather than furthering his political position, like many others. In Israel I like Yair Lapid, who I feel is the most aware and the most compassionate for Israel and her people than any other politician in the government. Lapid is also not a true politician. He is a world class journalist, which is becoming an extinct species, who decided to enter politics to put right was, and still is seen to be wrong in Israel, where I live, and therefore, I do know what I am talking about.

I wish the majority of the people would wake up and see that all their political leaders are taking them to the cleaners, which means they are being raped, pillaged, used, abused, killed, maimed, and controlled, and they keep asking for more! I say, eliminate all politics, and change the way countries are governed. The very concept of political parties causes separation and disunity. Instead have non-political representatives for each area, representing various parts of the country, and for the sole purpose of administering to the requirements of the people. This is a new concept, perhaps, but one that may help prevent the political divisiveness and political competition that just does not work anymore, especially today. For one city mayor to hold so much power as to choose not to protect the people, as seen in various cities in the USA and other countries, is unacceptable. Where is the accountability? Where is the voice of the people? It is time for the people to realise that they have ultimate power. For instance, what do you think would happen if EVERYONE in the USA, or UK, or Israel stayed at home, and did not go to work or school? Yes that is happening in some form due to the COVID 19 virus, but the people who keep the country running still go to work. I am saying that EVERYONE stay at home! That would mean the entire country would grind to a halt. How long do you think it would take the government to listen to the people? There is no requirement for active demonstrations in the streets, or marches. It just takes EVERYONE to stay home, down tools, be quiet, and wait? I guarantee you, that will precipitate some response, even if the government holds out for a week or even two. When the government does respond, the peoples’ requirements are to be presented in a cogent, coherent manner, which presents another issue. Who will be the spokespeople for the people?

As I am writing this I realise the enormity of the task ahead, and I also realise that people will not be able to do much to help themselves because they just cannot do that, yet. They do not know how! This brings me to my passion – Consciousness! Knowledge and perception are structured in Consciousness, that word few know the meaning of, yet, holds the key to the door of liberation from all limitations. Therefore, I feel just as with the sheep and the lemmings, such people will follow those who direct their course, until disaster strikes. Usually, it is then too late to apply any resolution and thus, save the day. However, I am inclined to believe a miracle will take place that will positively effect those who are willing to make positive inner changes, and improve the way they conduct themselves, how they observe, and to open their minds and hearts to all other possibilities. This article is directed at such people. The ones who already know, and have transcended many of their limitations are well ahead of the trauma drama. The ones who are totally closed down and will not budge will go over the ledge with the other lemmings/sheep. The ones who are sitting on the fence, and who respond to gentle, loving and compassionate nudging are the ears I wish to address.

Please make no mistake, we, on planet Earth are facing an existential threat that appears to come from others, but, in reality, is born from inside each one of us by our actions and non-actions. We co-created the dilemma, and so it is up to us to provide the solution. Are you up to it? If you are, then I suggest you learn to meditate, if you are not already doing so. Find any means to help yourself change any learned programming (from parents, school, life) that helped you limit yourself in any way. Find a way to heal any inner wound, and resolve any issue that colours your perception. Yes, the hour is very late, and time is of the essence, so get on with it!

Unless each one of us learns how to access  more of our innate consciousness, which will open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts, there is nothing that can be done to avert the impending disaster that is scheduled to befall humanity in a few months. If you do not know what to do, contact me, via my website, as I have a plethora of suggestions to help you. I am here to be of help to anyone I can assist. There are also many, many others who are willing to do the same. There is so much on the internet that is helpful, and can help most people. The ball is in your court! We are to unify as one people, which completely disregards colour, race, creed and religion, and then we have a chance to avert what is being touted as the 6th Mass Extinction of the Human Species right now.

In the final analysis I am preparing myself spiritually for whatever may transpire. I have written my books of Self-Help and Self-Improvement, I have made my videos, guided meditations and blogs, I have given webinars, and I have written everything pertinent on this subject which I posted on Facebook. There is not much more I can do, except wait and see what transpires in the next few months, as I hold as much Light as I can and reflect that out into the Matrix. I am one who has come to serve in any way I can, and I have done that. Now, it is up to you, each and every one of you to do and be whatever you can.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.