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A Day in the Life of a Pagan Housewife

Catherine GreenI used to think that being a housewife would be the most boring, mind-numbing job in the world. In fact, as a child I never appreciated all the hard work and effort that my mum put in to keep our house clean and tidy, and ensuring that me and my brother and sister were always well-presented, healthy and nurtured properly. I say it was my mum, because unfortunately I come from a generation that still subscribes to old stereotypes.

You know what? Being a housewife is actually the best job that I have had! I say this because since giving up regular work as an employee, I have set myself up in business as a authorpreneur, with a few identity crises along the way. During the past 5 years I have been on a journey of spiritual, emotional, and mental discovery, and it is still going strong. I have conceived and birthed two children, about a dozen new novels and short stories, and several new business ideas, all of which are in the process of culmination at this time.


Earlier this week, for example, I had a day that was filled with contradiction. My husband left early for work as he always does, and I got myself and the girls dressed and ready for school. After the school run I took my toddler to some local social playgroup sessions, we went out for lunch with friends, and then I spent a couple of hours working on a new werewolf short story release, before going out on the school run once more, this time with the dog in tow so he could have a walk. Then it was an evening of domestic chores, feeding and bathing the children, and more work on the computer.

Some people might not like this lifestyle very much. Others crave it. I have to say, ten years ago it would have been my worst nightmare. I never wanted to be tied down with children and a husband! I was madly in love, however, and as it turned out, this is all I ever wanted. Yes, I do crave physical escape, especially when the children are clinging to me and being grumpy. Yes, it can feel very monotonous some days. But ultimately, I am free to live my life gently, with warmth and love. That is a wonderful achievement, and one that I am very proud of. Have a beautiful week, my friends!



Catherine is the author of the adult paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels and also The Darkness of Love, She has short stories published in YA anthologies, freelance articles on various industry websites, and contributes to her personal personal blog, and her author blog .

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