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5 Problems With Social Media

These Are Not Meant As Judgment, only thoughts

  1. The Focus on Stuff and Things

In my opinion, far too many (me too) get caught up in Materialistic Pursuits and have lost Focus on What’s Important.

Love, Family, Friends, Hope

  1. Shallow Pursuits

In my opinion, Far Too Many Worry About What They Look Like. (Me Included)

  1. Chasing Notifications

In my opinion, too many spend too much Time and Energy Chasing Those Little Red Numbers in Our Notifications. (Yep, I’ve done this too)

  1. Spreading of Toxic Behaviors and Ideas

Such as misogyny, misandry, racism, xenophobia, fat shaming, slut shaming, etc.

  1. Fake News

Self Explanatory. However, as a further explanation, far too many do not “check their sources”. They just rely on headlines. And, yes, I’ve done this myself, too.

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