Wild Nettle Gardens

We understand that there is a growing movement which demands better food choices and more accountability for the planet. Our aim is to provide food that is both healthy and nourishing for the local population and at the same time respecting the environment and helping promote habitat for wildlife. Good management of soils sequesters carbon, which will in turn will help our planet. The food that we eat affects our health, our moods, and our body’s ability to function. Wild Nettle Gardens also wants to provide a safe environment for those that need it to be outside, benefiting from the healing that nature offers us.


Care Farm

Wild Nettle Gardens has been set up to offer a respite in nature to those suffering from PTSD, mental health issues and learning disabilities. In 2019 we will mainly be focusing on setting up the farming side of things and then we will be introducing the care side of things in 2020.



Herbs and Healing

Our love for fresh herbs and medicinal herbs dates back many years. We have dedicated time to learning how these herbs, and mixtures of herbs can help you in your daily life. In our first year, we will be concentrating on growing herbs, and later will introduce herbal products.



Fruit and Veg

We grow fruit and veg without pesticides or herbicides and always try to keep the food miles down. Quality is extremely important to us and you will be able to taste that in the food you buy from us. Food that is not flown around the world retains a lot of the flavour that is lost in transit.



Fresh Flowers

Our love of the colour, scent and beauty provided to us on a daily basis by the flowers of the season is what has brought us to grow flowers here in the North East of England. We are going to offer a pick your own service as well as supplying locally to florists and health food shops.




Please check out my website to find out more about Wild Nettle Gardens and why I am asking for donations to help me move forward.  If you would like to be involved or just ask for more information you can contact me via the website.

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Thank you very much

Caroline Nettle

Founder of Wild Nettle Gardens