Why Do Humans Choose Suffering and Chaos?

I debated with myself whether I was to write this sad indictment of the human species, as I see human floundering as a consequence of their own action or non-actions, their own thoughts and speech. So, I felt it incumbent upon me to write this seeming diatribe of my own species.

Firstly, let me say that I removed Facebook/Messenger from my phone, and that was very good. Now, I am searching for an alternative to FB, as this media platform is now descending to its nadir, which is a great pity and a shame on Zuckerberg, who chose to make this platform a political association with those who wish to do humanity a great deal of harm.

Secondly, just by observing the fear, chaos, and damage that humans insist of bringing upon themselves, I am able to notice that most humans have no idea what is going on in their world, their reality, at all. They insist on blaming others, like Donald Trump of the USA, Boris Johnson of the UK, Maduro of Venezuela, and every other leader the people dislike in most other counties. Very few are able to see what is going on, together with the bigger picture, and are able to reason deductively and inductively, while most cannot do either. For instance, the people forget that the majority voted for Trump, Johnson and Maduro, yet the people are not willing to see how that effects them. In the USA, try as he may, Trump can do no good in the eyes of the opposition, democracy having been thrown out of the window, by them. In the UK, Johnson seems to listen to what the, so-called, experts tell him to do, yet he does not make the decisions that appear to be beneficial to the people. Maduro in Venezuela does not require any commentary. He has raped his people, and the people voted for him in the general elections a few years ago.

I have observed so many harmful actions instigated by people who have their own private agenda, in most cases, such agendas are nefarious, evil, and are designed to bring the people to their knees, yet few see this and, absurdly, they encourage the evil-doers to carry on and do more. All this is so visible to those who have the eyes to see, which most do not.

I see so many people running in fear, and creating such chaos, which has now led to the suffering of hundreds of millions of people, perhaps, billions, who are no longer working, and cannot now feed their families, while the small businesses are destroyed, many of which will not recover. So, let us follow this line of cause and effect…….. people lose their jobs, businesses close never to re-open, and the economies of such countries will strain and creak to withstand such an onslaught that they may never fully recover for years. All this begs the question, is the cure worse than the disease? Few even want to address this question, and even fewer have any idea what the answer may be, because they are not utilizing critical thought. Instead, they follow blindly whatever those in power tell them, and of course they must know, because most of the rank and file did not take the time and trouble to know for themselves, so, in the absence of them knowing, they look to someone else who says they know, and all the BS they spew is believed. Of course, I will be criticized for these comments, yet, when all is said and done, and we are nearly there, they can evaluate their decisions, and with whom they aligned their energy, and then they will blame others for their suffering, and their own dysfunction and incompetence. It is already happening, hence this article, harsh and direct as it is.

My wife and I have sufficient food at the moment, and we are not touched by much of the madness, because we voluntarily stay home most of the time, but, I still care about others who are not so fortunate. That seems to be another problem, in the ensuing chaos and fear, few care about each other, yet they still do as they are told, and believe lies, yet, when truth is given them, they see those as lies. Personally, I believe very little of whatever is said, by whomsoever, because how do I know what is a lie and what is truth? I do my best to find out for myself, and even that is challenging. Therefore, my final resolve, is to raise my consciousness, and as I do that, I see, hear and know more of the truth, and I can then act more of a better example to others. I meditate, I practice Mindfulness, and I am improving, but, I notice that very few are interested in Self-Improvement. Instead they choose to continue their current action or non-action, and persist in complaining about the continuing poor results. Some pray to God for help, because they feel God will help them in their own inability to help themselves. Can you see how absurd all this is?

My prognosis is bleak, I am very sad to say, yet, I cannot ignore the signs that are staring at me in the face, such as the following points;

  1. People suffer now more than ever Why?
  2. What is the cause of the peoples’ suffering?
  3. Is it because they are out-of-balance with themselves, meaning, psychologically challenged/dysfunctional, due to previous conditioning from birth?
  4. Can people in a practiced democracy have more say in their destiny? Or, do they prefer to give their power away to whomsoever demands it?
  5. Does each human being have a greater potential than they are currently able to recognize and develop?
  6. If so, what is it, and how can people develop such?
  7. If everything else people have tried to do in the form of governance has not proved to be so wonderful, what is the reason?
  8. Is it possible that any leader/government voted in to office is nothing more than the reflection of the consciousness of the people? If this is the case, which I and others do accept as reality, this can be discussed in an appropriate forum, supported by scientific fact.
  9. If any leader/government IS the reflection of the consciousness of the people, then, logically, if people raised their consciousness, the reflection would, likewise be raised, and in this respect, more capable, more honest leaders will be elected. This is the main point that people do not understand, and that is because such people are still asleep, yet they vote.
  10. So, let us say that the present dram/trauma, fiasco continues, and yet another virus, war, or anything that will create fear, chaos, and disenfranchisement is introduced, what do you think or feel is going to happen? Have you even though about it? If you are one of the few who know that only further suffering can ensue, unless, we, the people, change the way we think, speak and act in to a manner that is Life Supporting. If you know what that can be, you are, indeed, one of the very few!
  11. What, then, could possibly be the solution to the ills of humanity?
  12. Albert Einstein laid it out for us when he said, if people act, but do not like the results, but, continue to act in the same way, and even pray for better results, such people are insane. The simple answer to this dilemma is to Change the Action! Then, and only then, will the results of that action change naturally. This, of course, demands that we, human beings, take full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Few, it appears, are willing to do so.

Even though this article seems bleak, there is hope, although the hour is very late. This hope can only be actualized when sufficient numbers of people begin, immediately, to develop more of their innate potential of body, mind and soul. If you have had enough of suffering, this is the time to change your actions. If you feel that this is not possible, such a person has not suffered enough. The message of this article is that humanity is now experiencing an existential threat, that could lead to the 6th mass extinction of our human species. Please mark my words….if we continue the way we are conducting ourselves, there will be many more deaths than we are going see anyway. The fact that so many people are asleep, and unaware of the implications is not the problem, as we are all evolving, and those of us who are awake, used to be asleep. The real problem is the inability of sufficient numbers of people to make a better choice!

I am preparing myself for whichever way the fate of humanity will go, and in this respect, I am in peace., as I continue to meditate, and do whatever I can to raise my consciousness. Maybe, the fate of humans has already been sealed by actions and non-actions taken so far. Maybe, we are going to see some big changes that will fulfil human destiny? We are about to see exactly that!



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.