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Tree Planting Holidays

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As trees worldwide continue to disappear about 10 times faster than they are replaced, UK social entrepreneur Caroline Nettle is on a mission to plant in Wales and she needs your help.

Ms Nettle is seeking to raise £500,000 in funding to support her project, which aims to address carbon sequestration, sustainability, food insecurity and forest regeneration. She will be planting a mixture of fruit and nut trees as well as indigenous species to help to reforest the area.

The project will include holiday accommodation as people are invited to come and plant the forest with us!

We are actively seeking investors, partners, donors, and sponsors as we launch the project. We are already sponsored by Social Media Worldwide, Mass Media Mastery and the Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell is our ambassador.

Can you help in anyway? Do get in touch.

To find out more go to –


07886177907 – UK
Skype – caroline.nettle




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