The Vision

Welcome to your site, of which I am just the caretaker. I aspire to being the genie in the lamp in aiding those on the planetary transformation path to connect with their soul families, make like-minded friends and collaborate with other ethical businesses. The time has come in this changing world!

At the moment this is but an acorn, but over time I dream of it sprouting branches, twigs and leaves and of Soulfully Connecting becoming a thriving online community.

When the idea for Soulfully Connecting unfolded, I searched far and wide for somewhere that linked all the people that were benefiting the planet and couldn’t find anything.  There are lots of fantastic people and businesses doing wonderful work, but it took me a lot of time and research to find them – they never seemed to hit the mainstream media.  It occurred to me that the corporations and people who are damaging the planet seem to have a very solid network.  If there is an extensive network out there for the people who are trying to repair and/or prevent the damage, then I didn’t have any luck in finding it. Hence the reason that Soulfully Connecting is as large and diverse as it is. Can you imagine what could transpire if people from completely different fields of expertise got together in one place and started to talk and share their skills?  The sky is truly the limit!

I hope that you will be inspired by our quest and join us on our journey.
Sue Ellam