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The Street Children of the Philippines Need Your Help

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LogoSupported by Muskwa International Foundation Inc.

Muskwa International Foundation Inc. works out of two locations:

  • General Santos City, Philippines
  • Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The Foundation is an entity that was formed to assist the street children in the Philippines, mostly in Manila and Davao, the two largest cities in the Philippines.

If you walk almost anywhere in those two cities you see people sleeping on the sidewalks. They consider themselves lucky to have a good thick piece of cardboard to sleep on. You can watch people picking around in the other peoples garbage, looking for cans and bottles to sell so they can buy rice to eat.

You can see children of 2 or 3 years old wearing torn and dirty adult sized t-shirts. Some of these children are abandoned, They are lucky if they have an older sibling to look after them. Some of them are trained by adults from early childhood to beg or steal.

These children have no education, even if they are with their parents. The parents don’t have jobs and have a hard time just to get enough money to buy a cupful of rice. Most of them come from the provinces, with no education or trade. As they can’t get a job, they can’t send their children to school. Schooling costs a lot of money, paying for books and uniforms.

Muskwa International Foundation has a three part program strictly oriented towards these children:

  1. Providing food and shelter
  2. Providing education, along with books and uniforms
  3. Trying to reconnect them with their family units

Muskwa is a non profit organisation. The executive members receive no pay, no travel expenses or any type of honorarium. 100% of the net profit goes to the programs.

All donations would be very much appreciated – thank you.



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