Sue Ellam

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fascination for what is mainly unseen, which led me to a lifelong exploration of the occult and the power of mind over matter. I was guided towards spiritual healing and medium-ship when I was nineteen and in the years since I have developed absolute faith in the power of the Universe to provide for us all – we just need to believe and trust.

I expanded my studies to graphology and have been a practising graphologist and tarot reader for the past twenty one years, during which time I’ve travelled to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Portugal and the Channel Islands, as well as throughout the UK, participating as a reader in spiritual festivals as well as doing private work. My interests also include numerology, Chinese astrology and the indigenous wisdom of many countries. I have a love of travel and photography.

Combining these loves, I started a Zazzle gallery – Soulfully Connecting is the next step on my journey. Discovering where this particular road will lead fills me with excitement and anticipation. Thank you for joining me on the excursion!