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Inner Peace is Inevitable

Searching for Self – In Pursuit of Inner Peace

Exploring our sense of self to answer the question ‘Who am I?’ gently leads us into abiding inner peace. Please provide your email ID to read the first Part of the book. Your data will be held in the utmost confidence and will be used for sending you emails containing instalments of the first part.


About the Book

Part One – Preparation

Declutter your Inner Environment

Come let’s step boldly out of our imaginary inner world which is the prerequisite for standing apart from all our identities.


Part Two – Practice

Practising Detachment

We will practise detachment from all our worldly identities to become free of the suffering and misery created by them.


Part Three – Passage

Consciously facing our challenges

This part will reveal how inevitable misfortunes are and their importance in our lives.


Part Four – Portal

The Portal of Peace

In this part we gain the ability to be in peace irrespective of our external circumstances.


This link leads to my sign up page.


About the Author

K R V Hari

Born in 1960 in the rich culture of South India and educated in English, Hari has been exposed to two opposing world views enabling him to achieve synergy and realize true harmony.  He belongs to the linguistic community “Saurashtra” who were silk weavers patronised by kings of yore. His ancestors are said to have migrated from Western part of India to Tamil Nadu in the South several centuries ago. Growing up in the country as India underwent its pangs of Westernisation, he was able to synthesise the self oriented Western perspective with the community oriented native one to arrive at a wholesome concept of self after considerable efforts and experimentation. His forthcoming book “Searching for Self – In Pursuit of Inner Peace” is the culmination of this labour.