Soulfully Connecting Explained

Soulfully Connecting Explained

Soulfully Connecting is intended as a vehicle by which ethical people and their work can become more visible on a global level.

Our intention is to create a directory of businesses that are supportive of people, the animal kingdom and the planet. Any business that is limiting or destructive to the mind, body, soul or planet will not knowingly be advertised or promoted here, and action will be taken if we discover that any have accidentally slipped through the net.

Only organic and eco-friendly products can be promoted on Soulfully Connecting and shops/online stores need to be 100% organic.

Healthy discussions are encouraged as a way of extending knowledge and understanding, as long as it is noted that everybody who chooses to become part of Soulfully Connecting is regarded as an equal, and anyone exhibiting rudeness or intolerance is liable to be blocked from further contribution.

Not all views expressed on Soulfully Connecting will be our personally held beliefs, but everybody is entitled to their opinion as long as it does no harm to anyone else.

No data collected by Soulfully Connecting will be shared by us with third parties.

All articles, advertisements, events and images are added to the Soulfully Connecting website subject to our approval and we take responsibility for these. Articles will be promoted on social media to bring attention to the authors.

We will monitor comments made on the forum which are initially out of our control . Any inappropriate comments will be deleted.

  • You only need to register if you wish to comment on our forum.
  • If you wish to receive our monthly newsletter you can sign up for that under ‘News and Offers’. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please contact us.
  • Any data we collect will be for the sole use of Soulfully Connecting and won’t be shared with third parties.
Business Directory
  • The directory of advertisers is split into 7 main categories – All Things Artistic, Animal Kingdom, Eco Friendly Living, Lifestyle Choices, Non-Profit Organisations, Self-Knowledge and Support Services.
  • Each category is comprised of relevant sub-categories.
  • When filling in the online form, please identify which category you wish to be listed under.
  • The Support Services category is slightly different in that a testimonial is required to accompany the advertising form and this will be displayed on the profile page.
  • The ‘Submit a Listing’ online form can be found on the Business Directory page and all of the category pages.
  • Our pricing structure can be found in the drop down menu under Business Directory, along with an explanation as to the differences between Premium and Basic Listings.  You will note that Non-Profit Organisations get premium advertising for the nominal fee of £1 (which is charged for security purposes).
  • Please be very detailed when filling out the form. If you have doubts about your business fulfilling the Soulfully Connecting criteria please ask us as we have a non-refundable policy.
  • We check and approve all advertisements before posting on the website and this is based on the information we have been given. If it is found that any company has misrepresented itself then they will be informed and their advertisement will be deleted. (Please talk to us before this happens.)
  • You will be issued with a reminder when your advertisement is about to expire, in the event you wish to advertise with us for a further period of time.
  • We are using PayPal for payments. If this doesn’t work for you, then please let us know.
  • Free promotion of events, retreats and workshops that meet the Soulfully Connecting criteria.
  • The events form can be found in the drop down menu of the Events page and on the page itself.
  • We check and approve all forms before posting on the website.
Gallery (all photos need to be a maximum of 2MB)
  • This is just for fun if you have any photos that you would like to share with the community.
  • The photos need to have been taken by you or have the photographer’s permission to display in our gallery.
  • The name of the photographer, location and subject matter needs to be included when the photo is sent to us.
  • All photos are vetted by us before they are displayed on the website.
Non-Profit Organisations
  • Non-profit organisations that fall within the criteria of Soulfully Connecting will be offered premium advertising at the cost of £1. (see Business Directory above)
  • These are worthwhile causes that Soulfully Connecting will collect donations for on the website.
  • 100% of the money donated will reach the intended cause.
  • These projects will be those which currently receive minimal funding and can be short or long term.
  • There will be updates so that people can see the good to which they have contributed.
  • There is a community forum to encourage healthy discussion between members.
  • Registration is necessary to take part in the discussions on the forum.
  • The forum is checked by us to make sure conversations remain polite and respectful.
  • If any member of the forum shows continuing lack of respect for others they will be blocked from further participation.
  • These are people that have a lot of knowledge and experience in their own particular subject and have agreed to submit articles to Soulfully Connecting.
  • We are always looking for more authors, so please contact us if you have specific knowledge you would like to share on a global level.
  • The articles submitted will never be sold or distributed by us to third parties. They will be promoted on social media to the benefit of the author.
Soulfully Connecting +
  • Please approach us if you wish to collaborate with us on any mutually beneficial projects.

It is our hope that everything about Soulfully Connecting is explained above, but if there is anything that has been overlooked or an area you aren’t clear about, then please contact us and we will address the issue. We are more than happy to add or adjust the above wording to make things clearer.

We hope that you will visit us often and maybe even decide to participate in the Soulfully Connecting global community. You will be most welcome.