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September 2016 Reading

Card reading for the Soulfully Connecting Family

Well folks here we are in September and I hope this information finds everyone surviving the summer and looking forward to fall.

I have chosen a new deck for this month’s reading called TheTarot Apokalypsis!

The spread is done by separating the suits and then shuffling individually to get an answer from each of the suits.  The spread is called Revelation of The Four Suits.  Then with the Major Arcana you shuffle and draw and it gives the theme of our lives at this time.


Sept reading_edited-1


  1. Pentacles: This is the current situation regarding money, work, family and everything going on in our everyday world.  I drew for us the 2 of pentacles.  I see this card as we are dancing on the waves of change.  This dancing as necessary to facilitate the changes with all of the manifesting that we have been up to.
  2. Cups: This is our current situation regarding our relationships, our emotions, social and spiritual life.  I have chosen for us the Princess of Cups.  Pictured here is Psyche the Goddess of the soul and awakening.  I believe she is telling us that there is a potential for a relationship or the resurgence of an existing one.  She shares with us an awakening of emotions.  She is calling on all the mystics, dreamers and seers to seek inspiration from the love of life that we have been so diligently working on this year.  Loving the self.  Our souls are being even more awakened dear ones as we are approaching this Divine ascension into 5D.
  3. Swords: The current situation regarding intellectual pursuits, our state of mind or our communication.  I have drawn for us the ten of swords.  In this card I am seeing a breaking point.  The breaking down of intellectual constructs, ideas and beliefs.  In a way I am seeing this as a death in a way of the ego, the perceived self.  We are all working so hard to maintain our spirit and this has been a particularly difficult time of culmination.
  4. Wands: This is our current situation regarding our goals, ambitions, passions and energy.  I have pulled for us The Princess of wands.  Our second princess in our reading.  Here we see Isis Goddess of power, will and manifestation.  I believe she is telling us that we are to take heart that even though we are feeling the breaking point of the previous card we are on the precipices of a transmutation from inertia to a state of action.  We are breathing more new life into what we have been working so hard to manifest.  We are to be encouraged and grateful as Spirit is always with us and moving us forward so that we continue forward towards what serves our highest good.
  5. Our final card is the Star she is giving us clarification and asking us to ask ourselves what lesson I need to learn at this time. I believe the lesson is HOPE!  The Star tells us that we are and always will be guided in these and other troubled times.  We are receiving rejuvenation and blessings.  Please expect and be grateful for good fortune.  We are in a time of healing.  We are spiritually guided as we are being partnered to bring about the unification of the spiritual and material worlds.  We are experiencing an intercession that is pulling us away from danger and replacing it with mercy, grace and salvation.


I hope that all who come in contact with these words receive a blessing from them and that they are received in the mode in which they are intended.  Love and light to you all




Audra Brown

I am a Light Worker using many forms of energy. I am a Reiki Master, Shaman, Master Herbalist, Clairaudient, Empath and card reader (of many forms) to mention a few. I would like to share my personal feelings, grasp and intention when using the word “Light Worker.” I feel that I am only the conduit of the Universal Great Spirit to use as a vessel to pass on the information; energy and healing to any of us that need the extra love and light.

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