October 2023 Tarot Reading

Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

September and October – Justice

September and October – Page of Cups

August and October – 10 of Swords

We have three very recent energies continuing this month.  We are being asked to hold on to well thought out balance and judgement and put our emotions on the back burner during the process.  There is also the flicker of love emerging in respect to projects or people and divine guidance and protection – someone up there has our back.

As we start off this month there is a resurgence of our inner fire.  We might not have a clue what direction we are going in, but we have the energy and imagination to run with it.  The journey is more important than the destination at this point.

The first part of October is graced with the presence of King Midas – everything we touch will turn to gold.  This could be a pay rise or a bit more money coming our way from other directions – possibly more than we are used to having.  Abundance is smiling down on us.  For those of us who have legal proceedings going on, the abundance could be related to that, showing a positive outcome.  Whatever the situation is, the important thing is to keep our heads and not let out of control emotions cloud our vision – balance and a clear head wins the day.

In the middle part of the month it is really important to follow our intuition and follow where it leads us.  Gut feelings and hunches will be getting stronger and it would be wise not to ignore them.  A new project or relationship could be coming in, or new feeling within a current relationship.  Whatever it is, this needs to be taken slowly – don’t rush in where angels fear to tread.  It is likened to a flame which has just been lit but can easily be doused if we aren’t careful.  To quote yet another saying – slowly, slowly catchee monkey!

Towards the end of October our hearts will be full of love and compassion.  Some of us will be open to a committed relationship and some of us will be led towards compassionate service to others.  The Universe will be stepping in to help us with our endeavours – it will be recognised that some of us have been pushed to our limits and it will step in to relieve us of our burdens.  This could come in the form of direct messages and intuitive guidance from Spirit, or people will be sent our way who are just what we need at that moment in time.  Whatever way it manifests we will feel loved and protected.

As we come to the end of the month we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump off the proverbial cliff into the unknown.  It’s time to leave our comfort zones and start a new journey.

Our luck throughout the month is giving and receiving love and support in our own particular communities.  This is how we get through all the chaos in the world around us, by being there for the people in our lives and vicinity.  We can share time, money and resources with others, and that will be returned to us one hundred fold when it is our turn to need help in some way.  An hour or two of our time having a conversation, or a bit of cash to help someone else who has run out or offering items that we no longer need to someone who needs them – we can share so many things that will ease another person’s load and lift them up while they find their feet.

Summary – I know that here in the UK we are coming into the winter months, but this reading feels like spring – it has the enthusiastic energy, resources and opportunities along with help and support.  Whatever messages we are receiving from the world around us, this feels like the tide is turning and the dam which has blocked our abundance and freedom is slowly losing its strength and power and it won’t be too long before it starts breaking down and will, one day, be no more.

Wishing you an abundant October with money, resources and loving relationships of all sorts freely flowing in your direction.  My grandmother always used to say ‘you can’t put a penny in and expect to get sixpence out’.  Life always flows when we help and support each other as equals – so let’s unite and become dam busters!   

You can see more about Sue on her website – www.mystic-matters.co.uk and this is where you can book a reading with her if it resonates.