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October 2019 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

July and October – Knight of Cups

May and October – 5 of Cups

May and October – The Hierophant

This month is likely to be a powerful one due to the fact that no less than 4 Major Arcana cards have shown themselves.  There is a different feel to this month – there is some duplication, but as you can see it is from earlier on in the year to a time when some of us felt betrayed or had experienced loss.   The good news is that passion has returned and we are again questioning who we are and what we are here for on a soul level.

As we start off this month there is a feeling of loss, which could be the passing of a loved one for some.  Not everything is lost however – we have learned from the experience and have memories to carry with us to enhance our future.

The first part of October is about finding our passion.  This can be falling in love with someone, or being passionate about the work we are doing.  There is a feeling of excitement and waking up with anticipation of the day ahead.  A word of warning though – we mustn’t burn the candle at both ends by losing sleep because we are spending all of our time with the object/subject of our passion, as we will quickly feel overwhelmed and won’t have sufficient time to do the more mundane, but necessary, things in our lives.  It’s all about balance.

In the middle part of the month there will be a feeling of confusion, as though we aren’t anchored to our familiar reality anymore.  Possibly something will happen which will shake us out of our complacency in order to redirect our course.  This confusion will start the soul searching as we attempt to find the deeper meaning of our lives – What are we here to do?  What is the gift that we were born to share?  This can be a life changing and life affirming time if we listen to our hearts and intuition.  The Moon has appeared to shake us up in order for the Hierophant to step in to the vacuum and pose the questions which people on a spiritual path need to ask themselves frequently.

Towards the end of October we will emerge from the soul searching and confusion into hope and faith and a deep knowledge that everything will be alright in the end.  This is our personal journey and it is best not to look outside at the chaos which often surrounds us at this time.  We need to take one step after another and concentrate on what we, personally, are meant to be doing, and do so with faith and conviction that we will be able to achieve it.  If we keep this focus we will find ourselves in a celebratory and joyous mood, knowing that we gave 100% to our spiritual and personal development journey.

As we come to the end of the month there will be a time of peace and tranquillity.  The confusion will have left us and there will be a feeling that our dreams can indeed become reality and we will know where our hearts lie.

Our luck throughout the month is being prepared to dispense with the old and embrace the new.  This isn’t the time to hold on to situations or people that don’t support our personal growth or who try to keep us down.  We have the opportunity of a new way of life if we can let go of the old – so let’s grab it with both hands.

This can be a powerful month for change if we are prepared to let the past be the past, close the door on it and get ready for a new beginning.  It’s a month full of passion, uncertainty, hope and achievement if we are ready to engage and do the inner work necessary.  No pain, no gain as the saying goes, but what a reward at the end of it all!  Everything feels speeded up – as if we can make massive leaps ahead in a very short period of time.  What would normally take months, can be accomplished in weeks!  It’s time to get off the fence and decide which side we are going to land on – what do we believe and what are we prepared to do to make it happen.

Wishing you all an illuminating, exciting and triumphant October.



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