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October 2018 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in last 6 months:

September and October – Ace of Cups

September and October – 8 of Pentacles

May, August and October – Death

June and October – 2 of Wands

The first thing that struck me with this month’s reading is that there are no Swords – conflict appears to have taken a back seat this month.  This month follows on the theme of being open hearted and compassionate and learning new skills, maybe starting a new project or business.  It’s a time of endings and putting the past behind us as well as the excitement of new heart/soul-driven ventures.

As we start off this month there is a feeling of optimism – hope and faith in the midst of difficulties.  It’s important to keep focused on the positive aspects of our lives as we attract what we give energy to.  Whatever the cards might say, if we are going to always be looking for the problems, then problems are going to be drawn to us like a magnet.

The first part of October is about study and learning new skills, which will be of benefit to us later on in the month.  If we put the hours in, we will be glad of it sooner rather than later.  Some of us might be looking for a committed love relationship, but the Ace of Cups is positioned very firmly amongst more work related cards this month, so putting love and compassion into the work that we do is probably more useful at this time.

In the middle part of the month there will be a variety of opportunities coming our way.  We need to make sure that we don’t try and grab everything that’s on offer – some things will grow but the rest will be a waste of time and energy.  We need to listen to our intuition and only run with the opportunities that currently feel right.  We don’t want to burn ourselves out due to the fear that if we don’t reap now we’ll starve in the future.  What is meant for us will return at a more appropriate time, what isn’t meant for us wouldn’t have worked anyway.  For some of us around this time there will be a job opportunity, possibly in an area that we are unfamiliar with.  For others, it’s further study and qualifying ourselves in a chosen subject.  If the subject really resonates then it’s worth investing the time and money.

Towards the end of October it’s likely to be an emotional time.  We will either be vulnerable to battles with others on the emotional and ego front (not quite all conflict gone!), or we will be undergoing an internal battle.  It’s tied up with the fact that we have the opportunity of a new way of life if we can let go of the old.  This will automatically throw the cat among the pigeons as some things that we are emotionally and egoistically tied to are on that ‘Passed Sell By Date’ list.  We need to be kind to ourselves and act only when we are absolutely sure of our direction.  ‘Act in haste, repent at leisure’ is a very apt quote here!

As we come to the end of the month we will be very grateful and appreciative of the friends and family who will be there to support us.  This can be financially as well as emotionally.  They will be pitching in because that’s exactly what we have done for them in the past and will do again in the future – a case of mutual respect.

Our luck throughout the month is to follow our passion.  If we haven’t found it yet, we would be wise to seriously start considering what we have been born onto this planet for, at this particular time in its history.  Each of us has a purpose, which isn’t the same as anyone else’s, but all of us are equally important in the grand scheme of things.  So we need to ask ourselves – How would we spend our time if money were no option?  What are the skills and talents that I have which can serve humanity as a whole, and would brighten not only my life, but the lives of the people around me?

I wish you all a very creative October with an abundance of love, support and opportunity.



Sue is not only the Founder of Soulfully Connecting but has been a tarot card reader and graphologist for 24 years.

She participated in festivals around the world for 14 years, but is now based in London, UK.  She does readings via Skype and email, as well as face to face readings for people who are in the London area.  If you would be interested in finding out more about having a reading from Sue, then please contact her at suereadings@aol.com.

You can see more about Sue on her listing Mystic Matters




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