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November 2019 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

September and November – Strength

September and November – 7 of Cups

Similar to October, November is also destined to be a powerful month due to the fact that no less than 4 Major Arcana cards have shown themselves – albeit different ones.  Whereas last month was about confusion, soul searching, choices and endings, this month is more about moving forward.  Some of the energy of September is showing up again – it brings with it new opportunities, but also some emotional battles.


As we start off this month we are being asked to look after things related to the home – to gather resources and get grounded and stable.  Also to be an anchor for others who need some stability in their lives.

The first part of November can be a bit disconcerting if we are used to being in control of our lives, because our intuition is going to get much stronger.  This means that we can feel as though we are on shifting sands and can likely lose our sense of direction.  No wonder we are going to be feeling quite emotional.  We need to make sure that our egos don’t get in the way of our intuition, which will be pointing us in the right direction.

In the middle part of the month we could have some big decisions to make.  These choices have far reaching consequences and we need to choose wisely as other people are affected by the choices we make.  We are about to throw caution to the wind and jump off the cliff into the unknown, leaving behind our comfort zones – at the same time, not being entirely sure what we are jumping into.

Towards the end of November we will be feeling much more settled as we will have a support network of friends and family assisting us in our endeavours, while at the same time we will be able to assist them as well.  It will be a mutual exchange.  Some of us will be starting new work and/or projects while others will be starting to study with the aim of changing our working environment in some way.

As we come to the end of the month new opportunities will start to present themselves.  A word of caution – don’t bite off more than can be chewed!   The temptation will be to overstretch ourselves and dive right in, but we would be wise to prioritise the opportunities and pick just a few to move ahead with at this time.

Our luck throughout the month is the anticipation of new projects which won’t be all about the money, but will be about things that we are passionate and excited about.  These will be subjects that are close to our hearts and will obviously be different for each of us.

November can be an exciting month which can run away with us if we aren’t careful.  That is why we are urged to start by grounding ourselves and making sure that our feet are firmly anchored before we get started.  It’s a month of heightened intuition guiding our choices and catapulting us into new ventures, if we can make sure that our emotions and egos don’t sabotage our progress.

Wishing everybody a fantastic November – enjoy the ride and hold onto your hats!



Sue is not only the Founder of Soulfully Connecting but has been a tarot card reader and graphologist for 24 years.

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