Myopic People Elect Myopic Leaders!

Today I am slightly depressed, as I observe what is transpiring locally and around the world. I am shocked and amazed just how disenfranchised the people really are, and what is far worse, they do not realise it! I wish to address this moribund direction humans seem to have chosen. All my writings have expressed cautious optimism, but, now, I wonder if it is too late, even if millions, and billions of people begin to awaken today? Let us examine just what is really going on by sheer objective observation, and without being partisan in any way.

Firstly, I would like to discuss the disharmony among people caused by partisan politics, particularly in the United States of America, because their political drama has been presented to the entire world, for all to see, ever since Donald Trump was democratically elected president. However, let me preface my observations by informing you that I am not partisan, and I have done my due diligence, and I have observed, quite closely, the five main systems of government we have seen in our modern history;

  1. Monarchy, where everyone gives unreserved obeisance to the ruling monarch.
  2. Autocracy, where governance is provided by one person, usually a dictator.
  3. Bureaucracy, whereby governance is provided by a group rather than an individual. This is demonstrated in various ethnic groups like the traditional Native Americans, and I believe other remote areas, include the community in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India, which seems to comply with what one would expect of bureaucratic governance.
  4. Capitalism, which is a system that operates upon a free market process, and freedom of expression by individuals.
  5. Socialism, which operates on governmental control over the populace. Communism is further left of socialism, and while this also characterizes a bureaucracy, it is the most suppressive form of government we can see, apart from the monarchy and autocracy.

I do not support monarchies and autocracies. Bureaucracies are too few and far between to use as a viable comparison, although, I am impressed by what I have read about Auroville in India, and what I read about in the governance of earlier Native American tribes. I certainly do not support communism as we have seen it in the past and in the present. Even the seemingly benevolent socialistic/communistic practice of the Kibbutz in Israel failed, and most were converted to a capitalistic foundation.

What now remains is Capitalism and Socialism, and what I perceive as two sides of one coin, and I will attempt to explain my thoughts on this. However, I must first confirm to you, the reader, that any group of people is made up of individual people. In other words, the group will reflect the same consciousness of the majority of the group, as we can see in partisan politics all over the world, especially in democratic countries like the USA, UK, Israel, and most European and Scandinavian countries, plus more in other areas of our planet. I will use the USA as my main example purely because of its visibility, which is such because the USA plays such a key role in the activity of many other countries, not least of which the US dollar is the accepted international currency. In 2016 there was a general election, and about 62 million Americans, representing the majority, according to their accepted system, known as the Electoral College, which was instituted by the Founding Fathers and Framers of the American constitution, for, arguably, excellent reasons, which I am happy to discuss elsewhere, if anyone wishes to enter into a dialogue with me. Now, it seems that the president elect, Donald Trump, representing the Republican political party, was a great shock to all those who voted for Hilary Clinton, who represented the Democrat political party. Such was their shock, that they immediately began to do whatever they could do to undermine Donald Trump and remove him from his duly elected position as president. I find this most un-democratic, even though those Democrats will argue their case, which I am reluctant to participate, because their very reasons for their accusation were demonstrated by other Democrat leaders, which Trump’s critics completely ignored. I am not interested in selective, partisan politics in any of its destructive forms. The point here is the Democrats could not tolerate Trump being president, and neither could they accept the will of the voting majority. In this one sentence, you have a clear example of control, loss of liberty, and suppression of the wishes/expression of the voting majority. If this does not tell anyone of the innate destructive potential that such action can create, the people are, indeed, myopic.

Let me give you another example of how a ruling body can disenfranchise the people quite effectively. Today, I was watching Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News Channel, and Mark Levin was interviewing Walter E. Williams, Economics Professor at George Mason University, in the USA. Williams quoted the following, according to available statistics, as I understand it, and if I am correct;

  1. In 2019 there were 578 gun deaths in America. (I may have not have memorised the amount correctly, but, there were more than 500 for sure.
  2. In the same year there were 1,500 knife deaths.
  3. In the same year there were driving deaths of 30 per day, which equals 10,950 in the entire year.

So, I ask myself and you, why does the Democratic party want to ban guns altogether, and not knives, and cars as well? There may be a nefarious plot with the intention to remove guns from everyone, which is not what the Framers wanted, because, they knew very well that there is the propensity in any leader of the government, and indeed, within the partisan public domain, for such a government to go rogue, for reasons of control and power. To understand this, you are advised to read the history of the founding fathers, and why they rebelled against King George of England, and escaped to the New World, to create a society where Liberty, Equality and Fraternity could be nurtured. Indeed, the French sent them the Statue of Liberty, which represents these three qualities. So, the Framers created the second amendment which allows Americans to carry guns, and such guns were to protect the people from any subsequent rogue government. Of course, many will argue my point, and, again, I invite any of those people to enter into a dialogue with me, and we can thrash out, objectively, what historical facts can teach us about controlling the people, and suppressing their free speech. Please note, I am neither for or against guns. Instead I am against the dysfunction of some people, and the criminal element, who  wield guns, which if remedied, would, no doubt, reduce violence with guns.

Another point I wish to make in my, seeming, diatribe, is that I object to ‘Personal Taxation!’ Wherever taxation exists, the people are exploited. Allow me to explain, by giving you an example. In England the taxes were heavy, as always, and when the rebels, the Founding Fathers of America wrote their Constitution, and the Declaration of Human Rights, they did not charge personal tax on any individual. Only corporations were taxed. This most satisfactory arrangement continued until the advent of Word War 1. In 1913, America was preparing to support Great Britain and the Allies in their war against Germany. In order to finance the war effort, America imposed a temporary 1% levy/tax on individuals. However, after the war, 1918, the taxed remained, and even increased over the years. What most people do not realise is that America created an excellent infra-structure of their country without taxing individuals, because America’s income came from TRADE TARIFFS! Few have any idea what this means, and so allow me to explain: All imported goods to America were subjected to a tariff, or tax, imposed upon the country of origin. This one act does two things;

  1. It provides the necessary income for a country to construct and maintain its infra-structure. I assume sales tax, and other local taxes may apply to help with local social provisions.
  2. It made locally produced goods cheaper, thereby helping to develop a healthy economy.

Over the years all that changed. Everyone wants free trade, and we know that, ultimately, the people pay for their free stuff, yet they do not understand that. So imported goods became cheaper, and the local business went bankrupt. Corporations even started to produce their goods in other countries, importing them back home, including the use of people in other countries to answer the phone for businesses in America. All this removed local jobs, and destroyed local business. So, tell, me who in their right mind would destroy their country in such a way?

In conclusion, I am deeply perturbed at the lack of conscious awareness of the masses of people, who seem not to know and not to even care that their lives are being eroded and stolen from them. They have purposefully been educated in a most inferior manner, to the point they have no knowledge of what is going on in the world around them, and they do not have the opportunity to develop their greater potential. In this way they are disenfranchised, controlled and suppressed. Yet, they say and do nothing to improve their status. In fact, they do everything they can to support their disenfranchisement. A casual observation of the conditions under which  Americans live tells it all;

  1. Higher taxes, fewer services.
  2. No comprehensive, affordable health care that is fair.
  3. Poor general education.
  4. Universities being the seat of subversion, including the banning of free speech, and more.
  5. Exorbitant cost of medical drugs, whereby one can go to Mexico and buy the same drug, made in the USA, for about 25% of the cost in America. Even Canada offers cheaper medicines.
  6. Exorbitant medical costs, including dentistry.
  7. Poor water quality, where, in many cases, fluoride has been added, and ignorant people argue that fluoride is good for you, yet they have no scientific proof of what they say. I include the use of amalgam teeth fillings, which was heralded as the very best and the safest treatment for about 100 years. Now, increasingly, it is becoming known by dentists and lay people that amalgam has been poisoning us for all this time. Again, scientific evidence is available to support this, apart from my own personal experiences, and yours too, if you are consciously aware of means by which mercury leeches into your body, and poisons you.
  8. Poor food quality.
  9. Poor air quality, to which I add the notorious ‘Chem-Trails,’ which can be plainly seen over many metropolitan areas. My experience of such was in Las Vegas, and I do have a story to tell.
  10. I have read that there are about 2,000 children who go missing every day. There are adults who go missing as well, most of whom are never found. Does anyone want to know what is going on, and what can be done about it?
  11. Then there is climate change, which I believe is a hoax, and you can read my previous blog entitled, The Climate Change Hoax. I will be willing to enter into a dialogue with any reasonable person to discuss this subject.
  12. Vaccines! This is a huge subject to discuss. I wrote another blog on this, with much information. Here, I would only ask, how many of you who have had vaccines take the absolute word of their medical doctor, and do not read about the ingredients of the vaccine?? To be honest, most doctors do not know what is in the vaccine other than the vaccine itself. Most often there are inactive ingredients that are not so inactive, and if you knew of their presence, you would not sleep at night.
  13. There is so much more, but, here I give it a pause.

Most people will not be aware of what I have written here, and they are not interested, yet, when conditions become untenable, they maybe the first to complain. My platform is, and has always been that all this can change for the better, ONLY if the people are willing to change for the better. The only way out of this situation we are in, at this time, is to change what we are doing, because if we continue doing the same thing, the results, the consequences, will be the very same. To change the miserable results, we are to change our thoughts, words and actions, that will enable us to develop more of our Human Potential, which lies in the expansion of Conscious Awareness, and by raising our individual Consciousness. I have written 16 books about all this, which, I believe, can helpful to most people to help themselves heal what ails them, develop their innate potential, and be freer to live a productive, happy and fulfilling life.

There are many who are delivering this positive message, encouraging people to develop their ability to think critically, and be sufficiently independent to know what they want and not to rely on someone to give it to them. We are each able to create a reality, a life, a good life for ourselves, if we disregard those who say, give me your power, give me your soul, I will look after you. This is a fools paradise. Let us cease to be such fools. There is a whole big world out there to enjoy, to live, and grow in consciousness. It all depends upon whether you are willing to undertake that journey. I did, and look at me, on my soapbox, sprouting all this about consciousness and conscious awareness. For me, this is a journey that has saved me from a fate worse than death. I have no intention to be enslaved, how about you?

In case you are reading this other than within my website, you can go to, and see what I have written, the blogs, such as this, and the videos, guided meditations for you to enjoy.



Anthony Altman is an author of books on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help/Improvement and Self-Healing, and also provides lectures, workshops and seminars on these subjects. For further information and contact, please visit his website.