Moontime and Mindfulness

I have been studying an online mindfulness course. Mindfulness is the experience of training your mind to remain in your present moment awareness. The value of being able to do this is that you tune into your body, get a ‘grip’ on your emotions and it connects you to a deeper awareness of your being.

There are mindfulness specific exercises that include body scans, mindful yogas, breathing and meditations which you can do on your own or be guided. The more I study this process the more I realize that it is not unlike the flow of one’s moontime because being in one’s moontime energy offers a natural, organic opportunity to be mindful. Almost like the moontime essence is asking you to be mindful, allowing you to be mindful, hoping you will be mindful. And when you are you flow in a harmony with your body, mind and soul. When you aren’t mindful, your body shouts out in pain. Your emotions take you on a wild ride so you can hear what your being/soul wants you to hear, feel and uncover. Your inner peace is disrupted. You are not in your present moment awareness but lost in places of disharmony.

Moontime flows usually bring you into a place where you need to be quiet, probably alone, be still. It is an inner place where you want and need to focus on your Self. In the Native American tradition, women went to the Moon Lodge where they could be quiet, meditate and listen to their being by shutting the outer world out. By doing this, they received healing and wisdom.


In mindful practice you do exercises and meditations to help you slow down so you can tune into your body and emotions. Not attaching to thoughts is the goal. Drifting and letting thoughts go is both the rhythm of moontimes and mindfulness.

Mindfulness exercises have you STOP, take a moment to tune into your present moment experience. Breath, check in, observe and proceed. Moontime flow would have you STOP to become aware of pain or emotional challenges, tune into your present moment with attention so you can proceed to discover healing or wisdom.

Mindfulness exercises are designed to create a moment of awareness without judgement, feel your body, slow your hurried mind. Moontime rhythms beg you to do that with the outcome being more health and creativity.


The lost art of the ‘blood mysteries’ has created generations of women that suffer during their moontimes. Modern day rhythms have ruined women’s health, yet having time or a moment in time to connect with your body and/or emotions is vital for wellbeing. The blessing of moontime energy is that it gets you in touch with your mind and body for the sake of healing.

If you experience physical pain, mindfulness would suggest you then turn towards it and listen for the cause. Is it emotional ups and downs, mindfulness would suggest that you breath and meditate. Is there a need to be quiet and still to replenish, then do a body scan and discover what part of your body needs more attention in your daily life. Let the energy of your moontime flow be your guide.

The ‘altered’ moontime energy flow gives you the ability to access the panorama of your greater awareness. It mindfully assists you to listen to your being’s voices and shouts. Maybe you can change your thoughts about a situation, allow your flow to open your mind, discover your inner Divine Feminine wisdom. You have your own mindful, present moment awareness compass that is there to answer questions, and bring you into harmony.

Moontime energy is similar to mindfulness because it gives you the ability to be in your present moment awareness and connect-ever so deeply- with your body and emotional landscape. It inspires a creativity that opens new doors, channels wisdom and offers a greater understanding of your journey.



Donna lives in Santa Cruz, California, where she is a potter, teacher, mother of two grown children, traveler, and spiritual seeker. Twenty-five years ago, during her annual stay in a small fishing village in Mexico, she noticed her menstrual cycle began attuning to the rhythms of the natural world. When she discovered Native American moon lodge teachings, a lightbulb went off, and she has been following the wisdom of the lunar cycles ever since. This newfound understanding inspired her to write “The Moontime Harmony Workbook—A Path to Creating a Sacred and Harmonious Menstrual Moontime.” Find more about her book and work at

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