‘Models of Hope’ Sustainability e-book



The Growing Movement

Models of Hope

Susan Ni Rahilly with Rose Mason

The Kindest Revolution



“The World we live in today needs hope, maybe more than at any time in Humanity’s history. The content we’ve been producing for The Kindest Revolution online weekly newspaper has provided much learning about “Models of Hope” as we’ve interviewed, written about and learned of individuals and organisations actively engaged in the growing Sustainability Movement.”—Susan Ni Rahilly, Publisher and Editor of The Kindest Revolution Weekly

Format: 10,000 word digital e-book: publication date December 18th.





“Hope needs Ambassadors, as does Kindness. My own inspiration and hope is to bring together a network of common interest in our future, to reach out with our The Kindest Revolution projects: like-minded sincere individuals and organisations able and willing to promote hopeful initiatives—Susan Ni Rahilly”