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Missing the Moon

I’m a bad witch! I missed the January Supermoon a few days ago. I vaguely noticed that the moon was growing bigger, and I knew it would be full moon soon, but I hardly found time to appreciate it, and only learned afterwards that it was a supermoon. The energy of these lunar events can be quite powerful, but you must be open to receiving it, and able to take time to fully appreciate the impact.

I was too busy being distracted with domestic business, namely my daughter’s 8th birthday celebrations. And I feel bad that I missed the moon. I could have stood outside for a few minutes and soaked in the energy. I could have cleansed my crystals, because I cannot remember the last time I did that. I could have pulled out my Tarot cards and worked with them to understand the big changes that are unfolding in our lives. But I didn’t.

It’s all good. The world didn’t end because I failed to perform a ritual to embrace the natural energies that are always available to us. I can still do something this week if I really want, but it must be genuine. I cannot expect to manifest results if I hurry a spell, or mumble an affirmation, or quickly give thanks to my supporting spirit friends. It takes hard work and dedication to practise witchcraft, just like it does for any other profession or hobby. My priorities are a little jumbled right now, but I will sort it out, and my guides will always be there when I am ready to work with them. We may wander away from the Path, but we always find our way Home. Blessed Be.



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