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May 2020 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Wishing everyone health and safety in these challenging times.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

January, April and May – The Wheel of Fortune

April and May – Queen of Wands

February, March and May – Knight of Cups

February and May – 3 of Pentacles


Opportunities coming out of the blue are still indicated this month and the need to hold on to our vision and not be side-tracked by other people.  Falling in love with either a person or some other passion is quite a theme this year, along with the ability to receive money and resources in exchange for work.


As we start off this month it is becoming clear that we are at an end of an era.  We have learned all the lessons we needed to learn and it’s now time to move forward into a fresh start.

The first part of May indicates that opportunities we haven’t looked for will be turning up.  Whatever our first impressions are it will be well worth looking at them because they could turn into a new line of work or a new course of study.  It would be advisable not to dismiss any opportunity out of hand.

In the middle part of the month it will be time for us to seriously consider walking away from situations and/or people who aren’t giving back to us in equal measure.  If we are starting to feel resentful that we are giving 100% and getting very little in return, it is time to seriously consider starting again and leaving them behind.  If holding on is related to money and resources, the cards indicate that we will be able to find what we need elsewhere.

Towards the end of May it will be really important to hold onto our vision and not waiver.  It feels like we will be right on the brink of achieving whatever it is that we have been dreaming about, and to allow ourselves to be diverted at the eleventh hour would be such a shame.  If we can just keep focused we are going to be falling in love with our lives and looking forward to each day because we will be living our passion.

As we come to the end of the month we will be receiving money and resources – not necessarily huge amounts, but enough for our needs.  This is unlikely to arrive without work attached to it though.

Our luck throughout the month is to keep focused on our own path ahead and not to let other people get in the way.  I’m not suggesting that we don’t help people that really need it, but to honour the fact that our life and our dreams are just as valuable and important as everyone else’s.

May is a month to acknowledge what we have outgrown in our lives and be prepared to start again.  It’s a month of opportunities which could lead to new work and projects with the possibility of finding something that we really love to do.  This is a strange time, but for those of us who have time on our hands, maybe it’s a time to reflect and decide whether we were really happy living the lives we were living a few short months ago, or were we just hamsters on the wheel who didn’t have time for reflection and to consider change.

Wishing you, your friends and families a marvellous May which is full of reflection, fulfilled dreams, love, health and opportunities!



Sue is not only the Founder of Soulfully Connecting but has been a tarot card reader and graphologist for 25 years.

She participated in festivals around the world for 14 years, but is now based in London, UK.  She does readings via Zoom and phone.  If you would be interested in finding out more about having a reading from Sue, then please contact her at sue@mystic-matters.co.uk.

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