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The BodyTalk System ™ is currently taught in 27 countries worldwide, and is a rapidly growing healthcare system, with thousands of practitioners throughout the world. Essentially, The BodyTalk System ™ has combined the wisdom of eastern medicine, western medicine, acupuncture, chiropractics, kinesiology, maths, philosophy, and other medicinal systems such as ayurvedic medicine.

The BodyTalk System ™ is an entirely different method of looking at disease and illness. Instead of talking to the client and discussing their symptoms, we ask their body if there are any communication blockages that have compromised the healthy balance that the body strives to maintain.

Our bodies talk to us all the time- they tell us to eat food when we are hungry, to put clothes on when we are cold, and to go to sleep when we need rest.

However, the most amazing element in our bodies is the healing aspect- if you cut your hand, you do not need to tell your body in which order to send extra proteins to the cut, or to clot the blood, and to reform the skin under the clot so that once it is healed there is little or no scarring. The body also displays great wisdom- if you strain an ankle, for example, the body is telling you to stop using that part (by causing pain and swelling), so that healing can occur.

The BodyTalk System ™ has found a way to talk to the healing wisdom of the bodymind complex and ask it what it needs to do, and in what sequence, in order that health, happiness, and harmony may be restored. The actual order in which we heal is very important. For example, if a stomach ulcer is treated before the reason that the stomach ulcer occurred, then it is highly likely that the stomach ulcer will return. Likewise, if the reason for anxiety is not addressed before the symptoms caused by the anxiety, then once again, the condition is likely to come back.

The reason that this healing wisdom cannot always function at its optimum level is due to our lifestyles and stresses and strains. Factors which affect our ability to be free from disease can be physical, emotional, mental, chemical, environmental, and economic, amongst others.

A typical BodyTalk session ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. I will ask the client to fill in some forms prior to the session and to discuss the goals to be addressed during the treatment. At the end of each session, I establish if the client needs further sessions, and what is the correct length of time between sessions.

Whatever your condition, if the various parts of the body are communicating efficiently, then the body is better able to function.

I first discovered BodyTalk when a practitioner came into work and offered us taster sessions. I was really impressed with how quickly and accurately she told me what was happening with my body, and within 3 sessions, I was beginning to see huge improvements in my health.

I continued to have regular sessions and then decided that I wanted to learn more about the system. I booked on my first course in July 2005 and passed my exams in October 2005. I have continued to study this fascinating system. Each course adds something new to my practice. I started practicing in Jan 06, and have been using BodyTalk ever since. I love working with this ever-expanding system because it continues to show us new ways to look at health into the future.

Most of the sessions that I do are distance and I currently have clients in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and the United States of America, as well as all over the UK, and locally in Bristol.


I had a couple BodyTalk sessions on distance by Caroline and I find it amazing what she does, she tells me things about my body that she couldn’t possible know and then tells the body to solve that and in the next days after the healing my body starts reacting and shifting and I actually start to feel a lot better. Thank you so much Caroline!!! You are a true Healer and you are very good in what you do!!!
Maria Henkes, Holland

“Since having BodyTalk with Caroline there have been some huge changes in my family. My youngest is much less clingy and can now be upstairs on her own. I have been told many times now that my middle son is much calmer and easier to get along with, and my husband is much less stressed, and better able to cope with his workload. I myself am much less anxious, and have a lot more energy, and am happy to recommend Caroline and BodyTalk to my patients as I can see that she can help them to overcome fears, and emotional issues.”
Dr Claire Winstanley Bristol

‘Caroline’s remarkable talents allied to this poweful technique is a potent combination which has helped to clear longstanding negative energy in my body which was hampering my recovery (from M.E.). Leave your preconceptions at the door and try it. I have found is as fascinating as it is helpful.’
James Maunder, Bristol