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As you will undoubtedly know, I am the founder of Soulfully Connecting.  My other great love is doing readings through both the tarot and oracle cards.

I initially trained as a spiritualist medium but then followed my guidance into tarot reading 25 years ago.  I have worked in England, the Channel Islands, Portugal, America, Australia and New Zealand.  For 14 years I traveled extensively, both at home and abroad, participating in numerous festivals along the way.

I am based in London, UK and am available for readings via phone and Zoom.

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If you would like to get a taste of how I work, you can check out my general monthly readings in the Soulfully Connecting newsletters and on the website under Monthly Card Readings.


I am fascinated when Sue gives me a card reading – not because I enjoy listening about my life, but simply I receive the information, that helps me to understand my position in life. Sue does it very well by bringing into the process the elements/the details that shape the picture of my life, helps stay connected with the development process. It is not simply a Question/Answer exercise – it is a journey, where you begin to recognise how you/yourself effect your life and what’s more important – understand that what you want and what you need to grow as a person are often not the same. The ‘card reading’ can help you to get on the journey, where you can understand what’s happening in your life, why this happening and where you belong. I’ve had numerous readings from Sue and will continue on this journey, as I found the mirror that reflects the value of every decision I make in my life. Truly, a unique insight into your life and what your life can become.
Sergei Del
Film Director

The reading I had with Sue was something of an eye opener for me and, combined with the handwriting analysis helped me to make some vital decisions in my career path. I was so impressed with her accuracy in a number of areas I talked my ‘sceptic’ mother into consulting Sue. Mum was especially surprised when Sue was able to talk accurately about questions that she had only recently formulated and had not discussed with anyone. In both situations Sue’s words acted as a catalyst for our decision making processes and assured us that we were both looking at all the options. I thoroughly recommend Sue to any one seeking clarification or guidance. She is a true conduit for wisdom.
T.W. (New Zealand)

Having crossed Sue and her spiritual path many years ago, she has taught me of the Earth’s Spiritual journey, which gave me the gift of looking at how Powerful I am, respecting my feelings and getting very clear about what I need and am feeling in the moment. This Journey has been about healing and clarity. Sue has helped me touch into my own strength and courage. Along the Earth Spirit Journey Sue aided me by teaching me on how to provide a safe space and time to look at myself with a great reminder that I can do anything I really want to do. Sue has helped me push the limits of my own boundaries and become more open and receptive to other and new experiences. One important step I encountered during the Earth Spirit Journey, which Sue taught me, helped me by jolting my priorities like taking care of my body, by not smoking and not denying what I really feel. Having gained all this experience with Sue’s assistance, I could have not met a more loving person whom for me was well structured and balanced along with a subtle and more focused approach on life. Sue, I am sure pleased spirit guided me towards you. Thank you for your love and support.
Lee Westwick (London)

I have known Sue Ellam for many years both as a valued colleague and as a client. Her integrity and common sense attitude are both refreshing and reassuring. She exhibits warmth and a bubbly good humour which puts her clients at ease. Whether face to face or by correspondence, I recommend her services most highly.
Ruthie Segal B.A.(Hons), M.Sc., MNCH(Reg.), H.B.E.
Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine, Hypnosis, NLP & Nutrition (France)

I have found Sue’s readings to be very uplifting and accurate. Her readings give new understanding and further insight on situations in the past and present. I would definitely recommend anyone have a reading done by Sue because she has a wonderful talent and her readings are always helpful.
V. Smith (New Zealand)

I have known Sue for some time and have found her to be a genuine and honest person in all aspects of card reading and handwriting and strongly recommend her.
Dave Woodward (Australia)

Sue has an extraordinary presence, very calming, uplifting and powerful. In my experience she can give a person clarity on a subject which makes you feel like you’re waking up!!!
Karen (France)

I’ve known Sue for over two years now and I firmly believe that she was sent to me by the God to help me out when I was in the gutter – spiritually, morally, recently divorced, betrayed by friends and without a job for a good year I hit the rock bottom, was depressed with no self esteem and almost no desire to live.
And then I was introduced to this incredibly talented lady Sue Ellam, a clairvoyant, a tarot reader a power house full of unique energy an incredible mixture of vision and logic, a destiny reader who still manages to maintain a very positive and uplifting outlook on life in spite of our lives numerous trials and tribulations.
As I said before, she is gift from God to me and I am not saying it lightly because she helped me to come out of the darkest period in my life, and come out a happy person! I could not have wished for a better psycho-analyst she does not just analyse your current life and your current problems she is blessed with the gift to see your past lives and to explain the reason for so many problems or events on that basis (this includes the phobias). Very pleasant to be with and talk to, very well spoken and intelligent, both strong and soft-hearted she is always there for me, or for all of us humans, when we are lost and in need of help.
Nina Juggins (London)

We have known Sue Ellam now for a number of years. She did a reading for us about 2 years ago and we are still being amazed at the number of things she told us that are coming true. The reading was done with love and understanding. We would recommend her with all our hearts.
Joan and Reagan (New Zealand)

I have been going to Sue for readings for a number of years, I have always found her readings to be a very enlightening experience. Sue has always had a very easy nature and a compassionate understanding of my issues, which always puts me at ease. Sue’s readings have always been very accurate and I leave her readings feeling refreshed and full of confidence to push forward trying not to allow any additional obstacles to interfere with my future plans. Sue always tapes her readings which I find very useful, because as I go about my day to day life when things happen I can refer back to the tape and think “Yes Sue was right again”. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anybody looking for some direction in their life.
A.G. (Kent)

Sue’s tarot readings are detailed and accurate. She was not only accurate in her predictions, but provided clarity when I was confused and unable to make important life decisions. By having events in my life, both internal and external, past and present, interpreted by Sue, I felt I could move forward and have greater confidence in my own intuition.
Kitty Ryan (London)

I would like to express my gratitude for Sue. I instantly felt at ease with sharing my most intimate thoughts with her, her warmth and professionalism made me feel a natural confidence with her. These characteristics are comforting to feel in delicate issues which come to light within a tarot reading. I have been surprised at how she is able to make clear connections to various life situations that have happened to me and I feel every confidence in strongly recommending her professional and informal readings to anyone who is unsure of contacting her.
N.M. (London)

Sue helped me better understand my troubled students. I’m a teacher, and I had three students I was really worried about. A girl committed suicide at school the previous year, two of these students had been her friend and I knew they were having a hard time, but I didn’t know what to do for them. Sue’s advice gave me insight into their state of mind – was their depression truly dangerous or just a sadness they had to work through? Sue’s handwriting analysis pointed out that one of the students was profoundly angry, not at the suicide but at other issues, unrelated. This insight allowed me to see the right approach to take to assist these young people to counselling. Sue’s advice also cleared a cloud of uncertainty for me. I have a successful career but I was not happy, I needed to change my life direction. I saw several possible future careers but I could not work out which path to follow. Sue’s calm insight, hit the mark – I could feel the personal truth as she suggested a balanced use of my talents. That was truly me. My career took off, but more important, I’m happy. Sue – thank you, you made all the difference.”
Donna Willard-Moore (New Zealand)