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  • Robyn Harris
  • Llanellen, Abergavenny NP7 9LD, UK
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I am a qualified and insured holistic wellbeing coach and therapist working with people and animals in South Wales and the surrounding areas. My main passions are working with women who are experiencing stress, overwhelm and chronic dis-ease, and also with horses.

Having been through some very challenging periods in my life which left me feeling stuck, lost and hopeless, and then finding my way back to health, wellbeing and joy, I love supporting others to find the tools that empower them to create a life that they love and that makes their heart sing!

Part of my journey was reconnecting with animals and Nature, so these are very much a part of what I do.

There is no ‘one size fits all’, we are all unique, and so what I offer is very much tailored to the individual.

I believe that this variety adds to the rich and wonder-full tapestry of our life adventure!

In addition I offer workshops and retreat days.

I can see people face to face or via Skype.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

I offer bespoke wellbeing packages which draw on:

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, or ‘tapping’)
relaxation and wellbeing tips

For horses I also offer Equine Massage



“Robyn is one of the most authentic, caring and talented healers I have had the honour of knowing and working with over the past 4 years. She cares deeply, takes a deep pride in all that she undertakes and is very highly connected to source through her years of dedication to her own healing and rebalancing. I heartily recommend Robyn for healing, both for yourself and your animal friends, she will be a source of wonderful peace, balance and harmony, what we are all searching for.”
Julie Lines – The Nature Coach: thenaturecoach.co.uk

Robyn is an excellent graduate of the Diploma in Animal Healing and a contributor to the Healing Animals Organisation. Our work supports all animals at every stage of their rehabilitation. We work very closely with the veterinary fraternity to offer a complementary and professional service. …

As Robyn is a graduate of the Diploma in Animal Healing, she will use her extensive consultation skills and knowledge of animal husbandry and environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animals and carers.

As Principle of the Healing Animals Organisation, I would highly recommend Robyn would be an asset to any organisation with her natural ability to offer relaxation techniques to animals and their carers; she consistently demonstrates compassion, sound judgement, solid instinct and the responsibility to follow-up and follow through with every task.
Elizabeth Whiter, MHAO MNFSH IIZ DipWSA: www.healinganimals.org

I have known Robyn since she started attending my healing group in October 2013. I run this group to support students and graduates in the Healing Animals Organisation, founded by Elizabeth Whiter. Robyn has been coming to our monthly sessions regularly although only four are mandatory as part of the diploma course requirements. She is very motivated to learn and develop, sharing her ideas and giving positive contributions to our discussions. She successfully completed the one-year diploma in small animal healing earlier this year and she is currently doing the equine course.
Robyn and I have been to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary together to help the dogs and cats there so I have seen her in action! She shows compassion, empathy and sensitivity to the energy and needs of the animals, offering support and constructive suggestions to the animal guardians. Robyn is responsible and well organised, and I trust her integrity completely. I wish
her all the best with her future endeavours!
Alison SaundersMHAO, Unfolding Enlightenment Practitioner: Animal specialist
November 2014

Thank you Robyn for your kind and gentle manner. Miracle performed on Flash and Milo. After only two treatments the long standing problem of tails curling of both horses has been eradicated and we are off to our first One Day Event next weekend.
Vicki Bestfor Flash and Milo

I first went to Robyn to continue with the healing that has been of exceptional help to me with another healer. I was concerned that the choice I made was the right one, having had such success before. I have to say I haven’t been disappointed with the service that I have received from Robyn and listening handz. I am always welcomed and made to feel at ease before we start the session and as I am a big communicator I feel that I can always open up about anything if I so wish. I now see Robyn at times when I am feeling a little unbalanced and just need a top up of healing to see me right for another day. Or if I just need to feel relaxed and release the mind from any negativity. During the session, I always feel a certain amount of energy flowing through the various chakras along my body, but particular to me I feel a sense of warmth and protection that will help me in dealing with the curve balls that life can sometimes throw at us. I then walk out of the door with a sense of complete wellness and wellbeing. I recommend giving it a try.
Amanda Williams(contact healing sessions)

“I have been visiting Robyn for healing for the past few months on an ad hoc basis. I had known about Robyn’s work for some time but hadn’t ever had any type healing work before. I experienced a very personal traumatic event and after some time wound up in Robyn’s lovely and peaceful workspace. I didn’t know what to expect but was open to trying something at her recommendation. Work with Robyn this far has centred around a general re-balancing, and has been hugely fulfilling and successful for me. It is quite amazing what Robyn can tell about my body and my experience of her work through what she does and it is very interesting discussing the experience with her afterwards. As well as doing such incredible healing Robyn is also a wonderful person, and knowledgeable in her work. I find it a privilege to have the opportunity to talk to her about my experiences of what she does for me, and how that relates to what happens to me at the time and also my wider life and wellbeing.”
Katherine Jennings(contact healing sessions)

Thank you so much for the treatment. It was so so powerful!! During the treatment I got these huge energy surges running through my body. It was incredible! Like tingling waves of heat…I’ve never felt anything like it. I suffer from continuously sore throats and during the session the area around my throat went really hot and now my sore throat has completely gone away. After the treatment I felt very sleepy and emotional and I released a lot of painful emotions that I think was causing a block in my throat area.
I feel a lot lighter and happier and I know I’m still processing the benefits from the treatment.
I really recommend Robyn’s treatments. She has an amazing gift!
Rosa Haines (distant healing session)

I feel privileged to have met Robyn and been her client. I had recently stopped smoking and was generally feeling at a low ebb, drained emotionally and physically. Robyn’s healing in those four sessions helped me so much to restore emotional and physical confidence. During and after each cathartic session, I was left with an inner glowing feeling of self worth.
Thank you so much Robyn for all that you did.
I recommend Robyn wholeheartedly.
Geraldine McNamara (contact healing sessions)