Angel Readings UK

  • Caroline Nettle
  • 07886177907

Seeking answers to questions about emotional issues, health or financial woes, romance & relationship troubles or why you are here? Ask the angels!


“Caroline’s reading for me was so beautiful. Messages from the angels flowed like a stream through her and touched my heart. I knew she was speaking the truth. In her readings she could tell me exactly what I was experiencing and what new things were coming. She helped me become aware of blocks that were holding me back from being completely happy. I am so glad she uncovered that blind spot for me.” Donna Virgilio, USA

“I was a very fortunate recipient of an angel reading from Caroline Nettle in October of 2012. I only have had one reading in my life that I would consider exceptional (from a psychic who aids the police in their work solving crimes). I now can add Caroline’s angel reading to my exceptional list! The messages she communicated were more accurate than even she may have realized. She trusted the messages she received and passed them on to me. Once you have an angel reading from Caroline, you will feel the love she radiates and her deep desire to share the messages to help others. I highly recommend her readings…You will be amazed! Hummingbirds & hugs to Caroline for sharing her gift ღ” Grace, UK