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Angel Readings UK  Country: United Kingdom  State: Online Business
–  seeking answers to questions about emotional issues, health or financial woes, romance & relationship troubles or why you are here? Ask the angels!

Josephine Arthur  Country: United Kingdom  State: Greater London  Town/City: London
– jazz singer/songwriter on the London jazz scene. Debut Album “Break Free” released in May 2015.


Conscious Meditation Foundation  Country: United Kingdom  State: Somerset
– people from all over the world visit Tony Samara to take spiritual guidance, experience being in his presence & to realize the evolution of human consciousness.


doTerra Essential Oils  Country: United Kingdom  State: Somerset
– essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health care practices.


EarthKin  Country: United Kingdom
– we are Debs and Tom and we are on a mission! Our goal is to create a wildlife and nature reserve on a large piece of farming land within the UK.

Énergie Claire  Country: Canada  State: British Columbia  Town/City: Vancouver
– ready to help. Readings for personal/biz-related questions; mediumship sessions. Worldwide experience, in person/Skype/phone/email. Services available in French and in English, fluent in both.

Equenergy: Horse and Human in Harmony  Country: United Kingdom  State: Avon  Town/City: Bristol
– help people to develop even more positive relationships with their horses using energy healing, relaxation techniques, nutrition.


Flying Inspiration  Country: United Kingdom  State: Hertfordshire  Town/City: Berkhamsted
– my mission is to create Flying Inspiration Centres all around the world where women can find help to explore their inner potential, discover their dreams and create the life they want.


Catherine Green  Country: United Kingdom  State: Cheshire  Town/City: Middlewich
– Catherine Green is an author and ghost hunter who is always happy to talk about her books and her ghostly experiences!


Horses Connect  Country: Ireland  State: Galway  Town/City: Bushypark
– we offer a range of Equine-assisted Personal Development, Professional Development and Therapeutic Horsemanship sessions, workshops, courses and retreats for individuals and groups.


Intuitive Flow Artwork   Country: United States of America State: New York  Town/City: New York
– Giora Carmi is a Board certified and licensed art therapist and developed his own method of using intuition through art.

Intuitive Reiki  Country: United States of America  State: Pennsylvania  Town/City: Bethlehem
– Carrie Beleno is an Intuitive Reiki master/teacher, spiritual leader, inspirational speaker, medium and author. She has a mission to move the world from “Chaos to Calm” with her books, guided meditations, blog, podcast, YouTube videos, 1;1 client sessions and Usui Reiki attunments in person and via Skype.


Joan Jacobs  Country: Online Business
– transform your health and empower your life by healing your emotions. A reliable, highly experienced & result-creating resource for healing from the inside out.


TJ Muir   Country: United States of America  State: Vermont  Town/City: Poultney
– health coach, education specialist and fiction writer.

Mystic Matters   Country: United Kingdom  State: Greater London  Town/City: London
– a service provided by the founder of Soulfully Connecting, Sue Ellam. Based in London, UK, Sue does her reading via Zoom or phone.  These can be booked through her website


Natures Message  Country: France  State: Bretagne
– spiritual guidance readings, distant healing & chirokinetic therapy (CKT).

Natures Message – Animal Communication and Healing  Country: France  State: Bretagne
– animal communication and healing for all creatures great and small.


Searching for Self – In Pursuit of Inner Peace Country: India  State:Tamil Nadu  Town/City: Coimbatore
– Book that speaks about living in peace

Soles Journey  Country: United Kingdom  State: West Sussex  Town/City: Gatwick
– conscious relationship with self and others – writer and zen runner!

Spiritual Growth Tools  Country: United Kingdom  State: Bristol  Town/City: Bristol
– what I can offer you is relief from emotional, physical or spiritual pain. BodyTalk combines the best of many of the alternative practices and offers a whole health solution to many of todays challenges and issues. Sessions can be remote or in person, and all can be booked on the website.


theGODDESScollections  Country: United States of America  State: Ohio  Town/City: Cleveland
– theGODDESScollections. •JU•WEL•RY, men•women•children•groups, •PAINTING ;acrylics plus+, Commission works available, EyeStuntProductions,inc.

The Monster’s Castle  Country: Online Business
– An exciting story rich with interesting characters and emotions, sounds, sights, and smells of nature, poetry, music, and important life lessons for children of all ages!


Wizard Websites  Country: France  State: Bretagne
– personal and business websites with a friendly, honest and down to earth approach to web design.