Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

My name is Jessica, a pharmacist living in Phoenix, Arizona. My journey to leading a healthy lifestyle began in 2007 when my doctor told me I was getting overweight. This is after my Body Mass Index (BMI) readings increased rapidly. The doctor advised me to engage in regular exercise and eat a healthy diet. I did not shed the extra weight in a month or two but with time I was able to shed off extra weight and my body began to fall into shape. I will share with you personal health tips that have worked out for me. You may however need to do more than this if your goal is to lose weight rapidly or gain muscle.

First, is engaging in regular exercise. I usually ensure that I do a five kilometer ride on my bike at least four to five times a week. I also do a few stretch exercises such as planking, pushups and sit ups. Another type of exercise that I found quite helpful is swimming. Although I do not swim often, it is one exercise that puts many body muscles at work.

You will have to be consistent in your exercise activities if you want them to work out for you. As you exercise, you burn body fats hence reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body. Exercise also helps to boost your mood and energy by increasing blood flow to the brain.

A healthy diet is also important in keeping fit.  It is a good way to complement your exercise activities. A healthy diet has to be nutritious hence having reasonable amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. I always avoid processed and junk food such as burgers, fries and pizza. This is to avoid taking in too many fats and sugars. Removing fat from chicken and beef as I prepare it has also been helpful in reducing the amount of fats l consume.

I try to prepare food at home as often as I can. Slowly it is turning into being a routine. I have also increased the amount of fruits and vegetables I consume daily. It is also important to drink water to increase body metabolism and the amount of calories the body burns. Eating healthy is not as complicated as you may think of it to be, simply avoid taking too much of one type of food and ensure most of your meals, if not all, are balanced.

l have also tried as much as possible to maintain a healthy state of mind. Although stressful situations cannot be avoided, my secret has been having a positive attitude with life. I try to spot something good in bad situations and hope maybe things will turn around. This is quite different from the past when I used to easily get annoyed and frustrated which was quite a burden on my mental state.

Today, I can say I feel much better and I am happy. Regular visits to the doctor are also important. This way, illnesses and conditions can be detected and treated early. In my case for example, I had gone to get treatment for an upset stomach and the doctor realized I had put on too much weight.

Healthy living is not only for those that are overweight or diagnosed with conditions that call for healthy living. It should be incorporated in our lifestyles. That way, we are able to avoid many diseases while keeping our mental, emotional and physical states in perfect condition.



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