Key to Manifestation (Move Toward your Preferences at all Times) – The Arcturian Council (Video)

Hello my friends! Because I could only fit some of the transcript in this description section. You will find direct quote excerpts from the Arcturian Council on the video slides. As always, set an intention to receive these words through your heart space. Love you my friends? See partial transcript below.

The key to manifesting is moving in the direction of our preferences at all times.

• The moving in the direction of your preferences is a choice. You must engage this consciously, (in your awareness) at all times.

• To continue to do this, you must operate in a fashion that is coinciding with the expression of your expanded self (from your expanded state)

• When you are moving in the direction of this, you will be in direct correlation to the energy you seek. This is the key.

You will engage this properly the more that you “seek” within your continued expansion. (“seeking” means more expansion, more truth, more wholeness)

• The energy of the movement itself creates the “coercion” (the influence of forward movement)

• And the forward movement, as long as it is unimpeded by distraction, inspires the Universal energy to move forward

• In this way, it is a cyclical relationship.

Your conscious Action must be in balance with the “forward Moving Energy” that you have called into action

• You move in small increments consciously, in terms of your “forced” action (or your “conscious decision movement”)

• But the synchronistic force, (the ability of the universe to propel you forward in its automatic movement) is much bigger.

• So, the “conscious decision movement” on your part is not necessary all of the time. It is but a factor according to the energetic flow. You will feel when it is time to consciously decide to move

• You do feel this already, many times in a day sometimes. At times there is no need for movement.

• But the energetic (automatic) flow and movement can occur constantly.

• Conscious movement that is not flowing with the energy impedes this process (by interrupting the energetic flow).

How to Remain in “Manifestation Mode” when encountering Lower Frequency Energies

• Stay aware of yourself and your surroundings

• Prepare yourself for when you enter into the “circumstances” (energetic environment) of others

• Others energetic environments (thought forms, emotional debris, desires, etc.) will naturally want to “commingle” with yours.

Lovingly Shield yourself from the energy fields of others

• Others’ energies (desires and accumulation of thoughts which are unchecked and misunderstood) may interfere with your “propulsion” (your forward momentum).

• “As you enter the field of others, everything gets muddy. Their misinterpretations, desires, lower frequency, trauma… these things interfere… and often seek your light, which will damage your propulsion.”

• When you lovingly block the energy, you continue your propulsion, but also keep your heart and your discernment clear.

You can consciously refocus yourself at any time.

• When interacting with others who are not resonating on your level, “You can take yourself forward into thought beyond which is happening around you if you stay focused in the direction of your own Being”

• Others’ fields are communicating with you on different levels (They are asking beyond what they understand consciously to be truth with their energetic nature… with their fields.)

• As you consciously interact with people, this is what you must remember.

You can shift the energy at any point and the other persons field will cooperate.

• They will shift their energy from their perspective in response to your energetic shift.

• When this is less likely to occur (or difficult to do), you may put up an energetic wall, walling yourself off from a more chaotic field.

• At any moment, even as you speak, you may consciously do this. And you will see or feel a shift in the energy through the reflection of the physical experience.

This will allow your field to re-focus itself around your original buoyancy.

• This is key to remain in what is specific to YOU and not become intertwined with what is specific to someone else until it is relevant to you.

• Your team is also fast-tracking your ability to maintain higher frequencies…)



I am what can be called a Blue Ray Arcturian Channel. I am integrated with four of my Higher Selves and consciously connected to many etheric Guides (which you all have as well).  I have a direct conscious connection with my 9th dimensional Arcturian Council family for the purpose of bringing in and teaching information which will elevate us to our next level of consciousness and evolution.

We are moving beyond a “power over others” paradigm into a period of heart centered living. 

The Activations that I create help humans to access and unlock their many heart centered gifts by increasing their level of quantum understanding and activating their dormant etheric DNA (Christ Consciousness) which contains the “memory” of your natural abilities and heart connection.

There are high frequencies and codes embedded within all messages, readings, and healings, which assist with this.  They are called forward by your Higher Selves, Guides, and the human collective consciousness.