Keeping your Field Clear of Others’ Streams of Thought – The Arcturian Council and My Guides


Other streams of thought or streams of consciousness are interacting with your field.

• Some thoughts that you believe have originated from you are not actually yours.

• But after engaging with them as if they are yours, you might then build on them, thus creating a different (new) cluster, a different stream of thoughts branching off and moving in a different direction

The Arcturians:

The original thought (which comes into your field, your consciousness, unannounced) fits right into the machination of your line of thought. It resembles something that is yours. It applies to a situation that is relevant to you, either in that particular moment or within the bigger scope of an event in your life.

And so it behaves as if it is yours. But it did not originate from you. Sometimes, it can be that the person whose thought cross-referenced with yours does have an emotional stake in you or even the event you are applying the thought to. Or the person can be unrelated, but simply within your range of attention (or you in theirs), to the extent that it is easy for the thoughts to intersect and become prominent to you.

This is rarely intentional. And this is also natural, given that your original state is Oneness, and all things collide within the Divine design until you learn how to balance and define your perceived boundaries.

And so this thought, which was not yours, leads to another and another, etc…

• Until you are in an entire mode of thinking around this cluster of thoughts that did not even originate from you. • But it may feel as if it did because the thoughts did become yours (borrowing phrases and verbage from your memory, your experience, detailed with things you feel familiar with)

As a result, you may feel as if you are revisiting something again (that no longer needs revisiting) This is not always the case. Many things you revisit ARE because they do need more clearing.

• Experiencing desires or emotions that you were sure you had cleared

• Can cause frequency to lower (depending on nature of thoughts)

• And can eventually begin to germinate an alternate potential timeline (This takes time to build into something permanent. There is time to recognize this and then redirect the thoughts back into a desired direction)

We can keep this natural phenomenon balanced and in check…

• Pay attention to when you do not feel balanced, etc. and then give attention to what thoughts are running through your mind

• Ground often and clear your field (chakras, energy centers) of anything not in alignment with your continued expansion.

You can also set an intention (when it feels necessary) to NOT intersect with a particular person or group’s stream of thought for a period of time.

Getting used to the feeling of your rising frequencies will help!

• You will always only attract what is a match to you and since energies are constantly in motion, there is always a variance.

• This will keep you astutely aware of any variance in your field.

I am what can be called a Blue Ray Arcturian Channel. I am integrated with four of my Higher Selves and consciously connected to many etheric Guides (which you all have as well).  I have a direct conscious connection with my 9th dimensional Arcturian Council family for the purpose of bringing in and teaching information which will elevate us to our next level of consciousness and evolution.

We are moving beyond a “power over others” paradigm into a period of heart centered living. 

The Activations that I create help humans to access and unlock their many heart centered gifts by increasing their level of quantum understanding and activating their dormant etheric DNA (Christ Consciousness) which contains the “memory” of your natural abilities and heart connection.

There are high frequencies and codes embedded within all messages, readings, and healings, which assist with this.  They are called forward by your Higher Selves, Guides, and the human collective consciousness.