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January 2021 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

December and January – 3 of Cups

December and January – 4 of Wands

November and January – 5 of Cups

November and January – 2 of Pentacles

November and January – The Hermit


The message this month is very much tied to the energies of winter and going within.  It’s about forging new relationships/partnerships, being willing to let go of the regrets from the past, starting new projects and spending some time alone in order to work on them and start to gather money and resources.


As we start off this month many of us will be feeling a sense of achievement.  We could have built new businesses or started/added to our family.  Whatever it is, it is something to be proud of as it shows that we have kept our heads through the challenging times of 2020 and put the time to good use in creating something substantial.

The first part of January will be taken up with some hard work – improving ourselves and our projects.  It’s not time to retire quite yet!  There could also be the beginning of a new relationship for some – this can be either a love relationship or a business partnership.  It is quite possible that this person will have been sent to help share our load regarding our projects so that we can achieve much more.

In the middle part of the month we will feel a need to pull away from the past and put our energies into something new.  It’s not an easy decision as not everything of the past is bad, in fact some of it could still be working quite well, but with the new projects and hard work we’ve been putting in it will become increasingly obvious that something will need to go in order for us to progress.  There will be a feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, because whatever decision we make someone is likely to get upset with us.  This is why it is important to be open and transparent with the people that will be affected by our decisions.  It will make our forward movement much smoother when people understand why we need to move on.

Towards the end of January we could be feeling quite isolated.  Considering that a large number of people around the world are in some kind of lockdown, this is quite understandable.  However, it’s all about mind-set.  If we can be patient and use this time concentrating on building our projects and focusing on what is important to us, then we will end up attracting money and resources.  This is a much more productive use of our time than railing against the restrictions and getting angry at our freedom being curtailed.  What is freedom anyway?  Isn’t it a state of mind rather than purely moving our physical bodies from place to place?

As we come to the end of the month we will be well into the swing of our new projects.  Maybe we will be investing money in study of some kind, or getting ready to launch a new business.  It’s the beginning of a new venture and it’s up to us to fully commit to its success.

Our luck throughout the month is to let go of the past.  Yes, we might have gone through a break up of some kind where we have felt betrayed, or maybe someone close to us has passed away.  Whatever it is that is causing us to feel regret and pain, we need to let it go, put it to rest and move forward.  Living with grief and betrayal can lead to grudges, which can often be a crutch for a lifetime of misery.  If we have experienced the breakdown of a relationship/friendship, then the position of this card indicates that it had reached the end of the road.  If the person was meant to be in our life, then they would be.  It is time to look at the lessons that person taught us, thank them for them (whether they were positive or negative) and take the learning forward so that we can create even better relationships in the future.  If we have lost a loved one through them passing over, the same applies.  There will obviously be a period of grief, but then it will be time to embrace the lessons that particular relationship taught us and honour the life of the person who has passed on by applying those lessons in the future.  Everything on this planet lives and dies, it’s the nature of things, and none of us are meant to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of grief for another’s passing.  That will only result in the waste of a life which has a much higher purpose.

The energy of January feels a bit like Spring – new things are blossoming and, while we might be under physical restrictions, our minds can roam free and create all sorts of wondrous projects, relationships and businesses which will be ready to fly when we are physically able to roam once again.  We need to resist with all our being the tendency to feel sorry for ourselves and to fall into the ‘Poor Me’ victimhood mind-set.  The ‘if only’ rabbit hole is very seductive – ‘if only I could meet my friends’, ‘if only I could go on holiday’, ‘if only I had a job’ etc.  However, this puts us into a disempowered state.  An empowered person would be thinking ‘What if I meet my friends virtually for the time being’, ‘what if I plan the perfect holiday so that I have something to look forward to in the future’ and ‘what if I don’t hang around waiting for a job to be given to me, but look at my skills and think about starting my own business, or maybe studying something new which will make me more marketable’.  These are the same subjects, but are polar opposites in the energy we are putting out.

I wish you a January full of new ideas and exciting plans, with regrets left behind in 2020!  Embrace the New Year and new beginning!  It truly is a new beginning as we left the Age of Pisces and entered the Age of Aquarius on 21st December.  A lot will be changing over the coming years!





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