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January 2020 Tarot Reading

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Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year


Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

September, December and January – 7 of Pentacles

October and January – The Hierophant

October and January – Death

September and January – 10 of Swords

August and January – Temperance


Astrologers are predicting a powerful month ahead and that is borne out by these cards.  No less than 5 Major Arcana have turned up.  The 7 of Pentacles has shown up yet again telling us that we need to make changes, despite the fact that we might be hanging on to our comfort zones like grim death.  The repeated cards are telling us to trust our soul journey, be prepared to start a new life by letting go of the old – that we will have help in shedding the old and we will also have balance and harmony within relationships to sustain us.

As we start off this month we could be in for a few surprises.  Things will start coming our way that we might not have been expecting or looking for.  How we receive them is very important – if we see situations as being negative then they will become so, but if we see them from a positive viewpoint, then they will be very beneficial for us.

The first part of January will be about relationships and spending time with people who are supportive and loving towards us.  I emphasise the supportive and loving part of that statement, because we also need to be very aware of people around us who don’t have our best interests at heart and are prone to gossip.  We need to keep our own counsel and don’t tell these people anything that they can use to make our lives less than joyful.  The message here is that we need to choose our friends wisely going forward into the New Year.  Do we want our circle to be full of people who love and support us, or do we want to hang around with people who are constantly gossiping about others and where we can’t truly relax because we are always in danger of being stabbed in the back?  The choice is always ours and spending time alone is preferable to wasting our time with negative people.

In the middle part of the month we have the opportunity of a new life if we can let go of the old.  There will be a tendency to say ‘my life isn’t perfect, but it’s okay – I can put up with it!’  My question is ‘ Why should we accept a life that is less than perfect and make do with second, third or even fourth best?’  Expecting the best for ourselves has never been more important – the time is now for us all to shine and be the best that we can be, and be surrounded by the people who will enhance our gifts and challenge us to do better.

Towards the end of January those of us who have taken heed and embraced change, however small, will be feeling very proud of ourselves and will be patting ourselves on the back.  We will also be supported in cutting the ties that bind us.  Any situation that has been holding us back, all we have to do is ask for help – to our Spirit Guides, the Universe, God – whatever we call it, and that help will be available to set us free.  Remember the saying ‘God helps those that help themselves’?  That is the deal!  It won’t be done for us, we have to put the effort in and then the help will come.

As we come to the end of the month new projects will be appearing for us.  Some people could discover they are expecting a baby and some will be starting a project which needs to be nurtured and grown just like a physical child.  This is a time of motherhood, in all its forms.

Our luck throughout the month is going within and delving into our individual soul purposes and spiritual journeys.  The material world has its place, but ultimately we are spiritual beings living material existences.  This is a good time to be quieter and more reflective as it will help keep us strong on our quest for positive change in our lives.

We need to get the message that there is nothing in the past we need to hang onto – the things that are for us won’t leave us.  We have to get past our resistance to change as, in this current time, it is severely hampering us from positive, forward movement.  See the new decade as a clean slate and be prepared to leave the past behind if it is no longer bringing you joy.  None of us have to lead miserable lives due to a sense of obligation, guilt or feeling powerless – each of us is more powerful than we realise.

Happy New Decade – this one is destined to be one of positive change where many old, unproductive and harsh practices will have the light of day shone on them, and they will eventually dissolve into oblivion where they belong.



Sue is not only the Founder of Soulfully Connecting but has been a tarot card reader and graphologist for 25 years.

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