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January 2019 Tarot Reading

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Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019!

Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in last 6 months:

September, November and January – The Hermit

September and January – Queen of Swords

August and January – The World

The most pertinent card that has shown itself again is the Hermit, which indicates that we still need to be aware of taking time to ourselves, and also to be patient if things aren’t moving forward as quickly as we would like.  It is the end of a six month era and we need to make sure that we don’t accept second best for the times to come – either for ourselves or others!

As we start off this month it is literally about new beginnings – taking care of ourselves on material and physical levels.  This is very appropriate at the start of 2019 with lots of people making New Year’s Resolutions.  We will be looking at how best to increase our finances, how to better look after our health and fitness and we will also be focusing on new projects that we want to work on over the coming months.

The first part of January will be a bit tricky.  We will feel as though we are beset by obstacles and, if we’re not careful, we will lose sight of the goals we have made for ourselves.  It is important to focus on the end result that we are aspiring to, because if we focus on the obstacles they become the goal and we get stuck before we have even truly started.  Think of the larger picture and understand that the obstacles are just tests of our inner strength and determination – nothing worthwhile comes without effort on our part.  We are also well advised to use tact and diplomacy in our dealings with other people.  Banging on doors and making a lot of noise won’t serve us and will only create further obstacles.

In the middle part of the month we will feel like we can start to move forward.  We will be asked to make willing sacrifices in order to improve our lives in some way.  In order to make the right decisions we will need to keep our own counsel and not tell people our plans if they don’t need to know.  It will also be advisable to stay away from gossip and gossipy people as we don’t want to get embroiled in matters that will serve to hold us back even further.

Towards the end of January we will have come to the end of an era.  We will have learnt all we need to from our current circumstances and will be ready to move forward into a new way of living.  We will be prepared to make the willing sacrifices of people and situations that no longer fit into our vision of what we want our lives to become.  It’s not that the people and/or situations are bad but, as with all things, we outgrow them and there comes a time for new people and experiences to take their place on our forward journey.  While we are going through this process of change we need to take time to ourselves and be patient.  Surrounding ourselves with throngs of people at this time isn’t the best way of making the transition – we need time to reflect on our journey so far and look inward.

As we come to the end of the month we need to start as we mean to go on.  We must hold ourselves to the highest standard and not accept anything that is second best.  If something is presented to us that appears to be less than ideal, then we would be wise to wait until something better comes along.  Listening to our intuition and following its guidance is particularly important if we are to attract what is best for us and the people we care about.

Our luck throughout the month is recognising that we need to be brave and come out of our comfort zones.  I know it’s very comfortable in there, but life is waiting with lots of exciting adventures and we don’t want to miss any of them by huddling behind the sofa and peeking over the top from time to time.  Grab opportunities, take a few risks and you never know where 2019 will take you!

It very much feels as though the new year has arrived with the dregs of the old which have to be dealt with during the first part of the month.  After that, we will all feel much freer to create new ideas and experiences which will enhance our lives and infuse us with new energy and a sense of adventure.



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