We regularly hold interviews with our authors and contributors. They are recorded and available to view on the Soulfully Connecting YouTube channel. You can see the interviews here by clicking on the links below.

Sue Ellam interviews Guari Kuchhal of Ayursatwa Herbal Textile. Gauri has created a natural way to dye and print fabrics without any synthetic chemicals. Her process also results in zero waste.

Sue Ellam interviews Monika Phillips of House of Angel Card Readings. Monika works as a medium and a healer and, until the end of March this year, was providing her Angel Card Readings to Soulfully Connecting.

Sue Ellam interviews Carrie Beleno, an Intuitive Reiki master/teacher, spiritual leader, inspirational speaker, medium and author. Read more about Carrie here

Sue Ellam does a second interview with Dr. Jean Logan, president of Holy Ground Farm Inc. Read more about Jean here

Sue Ellam interviews Julia Chi, who was ‘born to be a runner’ !! Read more about Julia here

Sue Ellam interviews Caroline Nettle, founder of Spritual Growth Tools. Read more about Caroline here

Sue Ellam interviews Debs Atkinson, founder of Natures Message and Natures Message РAnimal Communication and Healing.  Read more about Debs here

Sue Ellam interviews Wahido Marata, Conscious Meditation about the various forms of meditation and its benefits.

Sue Ellam interviews Jan Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of aSmilingWorld. Read more about Jan here

Sue Ellam interviews Jocelyn Chaplin, founder of the Serpent Institute. Read more about Jocelyn here

Sue Ellam interviews Wahido Marata about the retreats held by Tony Samara. Read more about Tony here

Sue Ellam interviews Mary Romaniec, a recognized authority on autism. Read more about Mary here

Sue Ellam interviews¬†Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel about her book ‘Antarctic Odyssey:¬† A New Beginning’.

Sue Ellam interviews Audra Brown, founder of Universal Life Reiki. Read more about Audra here

Sue Ellam interviews Wahido Marata about his life in a spiritual school. Read about Wahido’s business here

Sue Ellam interviews Dr. Jean Logan, president of Holy Ground Farm Inc. Read more about Jean here

Sue Ellam interviews Catherine Green, Adult Paranormal Romance author. Read more about Catherine here

Sue Ellam interviews Giora Carmi, founder of Intuitive Flow. Read more about Giora here

Sue Ellam interviews Robyn Harris, founder of Equenergy. Read more about Robyn here

Sue Ellam interviews Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel, founder of Flying Inspiration. Read more about Gabriella here

Sue Ellam interviews John Osborne, Naturopath. Read more about John here

Sue Ellam interviews Joan Jacobs, Emotional Healer. Read more about Joan here