How To Create a Listing

How to Create a Listing

Welcome to Soulfully Connecting. Our purpose is to create a Directory of eco-friendly and organic businesses. Therefore, our Directory is restricted to businesses that help people, the animal kingdom and the planet. Check our Mind Map to see what businesses fulfil our criterion. If you don’t see your particular business listed and you feel that you belong with us, then please contact us and we will add you if we are a match.

Please note that if you decide to advertise with us, your Listing won’t show up immediately on the website, so don’t think that something has gone wrong. We check everything before authorising it.
The step by step process of creating a listing:

1. Click on Directory on the website. You will see that you can find our pricing in the dropdown menu, as well as access to existing listings and our Listing Index. If you are happy with everything you see, then click the Create A Listing button.

Submit a Listing button

2. You will come to a Login page. You need to be registered on the website in order to create a listing.

Login Page

3. After logging in you will be able to start the process. On the first page you need to select which category your business belongs to from the drop down menu. If you belong in more than one category, send us an email and we will add you to any others.

Select a Category

4. Once you select your category and press continue you arrive on the page where you can select which kind of listing you want, and there is the option to automatically renew if you so wish. Once you have decided, press continue.

Select type of listing

Select type of listing 2

5. The next page is the Listing Information page where you put in all the details of your business. If you have chosen a Basic listing you are limited to 500 characters, but for Premium and Non-Profit you are unlimited.

Details of Business

Details of Business 2

Details of Business 3

6. Once you have completed that page to your satisfaction and added your testimonials (one is mandatory for the Support Services categories) press Continue and you will come to the Images page. Basic listings are allowed 1 image and Premium and Non Profit are allowed 9. Please note the maximum size of 2MB.

Images Page

7. Once you have added your image(s) press Continue and you will find yourself on the payment page. Currently we have the PayPal option available, but we will expand this if it becomes necessary. We have special offers from time to time and Discount Codes will be made available and displayed prominently on the site.. They will also be promoted through our Twitter accounts – @soulecting, @soulfullysue and mentioned under our hashtag #soulecting.

Payment page

8. Once you’ve added the details above and selected PayPal, click Continue and it will take you to the payment page. If you have decided to commit, then click Buy Now.

Select Paypal

9. You will then find yourself on the PayPal page. If you already have an account with PayPal you can log in there, or alternatively you can ‘Check Out as a Guest’ to make a one-off payment.

Paypal login page

10. If you use the Guest option you will come to this page, where you can either make a one-off payment, or create a PayPal account if you wish.

Guest option

Paypal login page 2

11. Once you have clicked on the Pay Now option, an email will come to us alerting us to the fact that we have a new Listing. We then check it to make sure everything is in order and then we publish it. It is at this point we add any extra categories that you have requested.

12. Once your Listing is published you will be notified. If there are any changes you would like done to it please just let us know. We are more than happy to change images, wording etc. We prefer it if you send us the information to, because if you attempt to change it yourself the Listing automatically un-publishes itself until we authorise the changes.

13. What can you expect from us once your Listing is published:

a.  We promote you on our social media (currently Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

b.  We create a series of tweets promoting your business created from your business name, business description and testimonials, which are tweeted every day via our 2 Twitter accounts – @soulecting and @soulfullysue. If you let us have your Twitter handle it will be included in the tweets, so that you can easily retweet to your followers.

c.  If you sell products, we can create tweets with images to circulate as well if you wish.

d.  If you have any special promotions we can add those to our newsletter which also gets extensively circulated on our social media. It currently comes out around the end of each month and you will be added to our distribution. (We don’t send a lot of emails so you won’t get an overloaded inbox on our account).

e.  If you choose a Premium or Non-Profit Listing you will have the opportunity to be interviewed about your business. The interviews are with Sue Ellam and you can find examples on our Soulfully Connecting YouTube Channel, or on our website under Soulfully Connecting + / Interviews.

Our job is to make you and your business very visible, and we work hard to achieve that. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to prove ourselves.

With thanks and best wishes

The Team at Soulfully Connecting