How to Become an Author

How to Become an Author

If you enjoy writing and your expertise is in line with our theme of organic, eco-friendly and of benefit to people, the planet and animal kingdom, we would love to hear from you.

Our Mind Map gives an overview of the subjects we cover.

Your articles don’t have to be written specifically for Soulfully Connecting.  Our aim is to gather as much valuable information in one place as is possible.  Maybe you’d like to give old blog posts another airing?

You will be presented on Soulfully Connecting on the Meet the Authors page.  The authors that write most often rise to the top of the page. Your articles will initially be shown in the Guest Posts section.  You will be given your own profile when you have submitted 5 articles.

There are no hard and fast rules about being an author – we very much go with the flow.  Your articles can be as long or short as you wish.  You can include images as long as we are legally permitted to use them. We also accept videos and podcasts, if that is your preference.  It is important that articles aren’t in the form of advertisements for your business – your contact details and bio are included at the end of each of them.

If you decide you’d like to join us, this is what happens.

a.  We will need a bio along with a photo (head shot) to add to your article.

b.  Once you have your own profile (after you have submitted 5 articles) you will be told which day of the week your articles will be published and you can decide how often you wish to publish.

c.  All articles are sent to Sue Ellam at

d.  They are edited and added to the site by Sue herself.  She doesn’t change any of the wording, but just looks out for typos and makes sure the content is suitable.

e.  If you want any changes made, contact Sue and she will make them.  If you try to do them yourself, your article will become unpublished as we don’t allow anything on the site that hasn’t been checked first.

We hope that you will be interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.  If so, please contact Sue at the above mentioned email address and she will answer any questions.

Our purpose is to educate, inform and also entertain whoever visits the Soulfully Connecting website, so that they will go away with a bit more knowledge and understanding of the subject they’ve been reading about.