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February 2021 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

January and February – 8 of Swords

December and February – 4 of Pentacles

December and February – King of Swords

November and February – Knight of Pentacles


The feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place continues on from last month and it could be partly due to our being resistant to change and shooting ourselves in the foot.  We would be well advised to set some goals for ourselves and realise that this isn’t the time for excitement, but a time for dealing with the mundane tasks of life and enjoying a bit of peace and quiet.


As we start off this month there is an overwhelming feeling of treading on eggshells.  Whichever way we turn we seem to upset someone or other.  This could be because of a situation we ourselves have instigated by not being clear and transparent with others, or it could be a sign of the times we are living through, where misunderstandings are running rampant.  If we can be honest with ourselves and admit that it’s a situation of our own making, then there is the possibility of mending bridges.  However, if it’s not of our own making, then the best thing to do is keep our opinions to ourselves and wait until this particular energy moves on of its own volition.

The first part of February is likely to feel a bit on the boring side.  Nothing particularly exciting is going on and we are stuck with ordinary everyday life and the mundane tasks associated with it.  It would be a good idea to reframe this time as an opportunity to finish all the tasks that we have put off in order to be ready for more stimulating times ahead.  If, however, we allow ourselves to fall into victimhood and ‘poor me, I don’t have anything to do’ mode, there is a real danger of fear and anxiety building up which will lead us to torture ourselves about what we did or didn’t do in the past, which we should or shouldn’t have done.  The problem with dwelling on the past, especially the negative situations, is that there is a very real possibility of us creating similar situations in the future.  Therefore, if we do find ourselves slipping into this form of depression, it is advisable to tackle each of the issues head on. If there are unresolved issues around certain people, if it’s appropriate then maybe we could try to resolve them.  If it’s too long gone, then we could forgive ourselves or them – whichever way it works for us – and draw a line under whatever it is and leave it in the past where it belongs.

In the middle part of the month we could have a real sense of joy and celebration related to our commitment to our work, family, friends etc.  This could be in relation to something that we have committed to in the past, or as a result of our handling of the first 10 days of February and the feeling of achievement it will bring.  However, we’re still contending with the tendency to dig our heels in and resist change in all its forms.  If we aren’t flexible and decide that it’s our way or the highway, and we won’t listen to anyone else’s input, then we are going to get stuck in the past and creativity and financial rewards are likely to pass us by.  This isn’t a time to be stubborn and self-righteous in our dealings with others – it will only isolate us as people will work around us rather than with us.

Towards the end of February we will be starting to feel the stirrings of imagination and energy.  We won’t know where it’s going to take us, but there will be a sense of anticipation of new things coming.  It’s quite possible that we will start off in one direction, only to be diverted to another path somewhere along the road – we just don’t know.  It’s important to reign in this renewed energy and set some goals around it – these goals are always open to change, but making them will ensure that we are working towards something in an intentional way and the energy won’t be wasted.

As we come to the end of the month our intellects will be on fire.  The waking up of our imagination and creativity is now being followed by new ideas popping into our heads.  An important aspect to this is that we don’t allow ourselves to be side-lined.  There is a possibility that the people nearest and dearest to us will inadvertently (or intentionally) hold us back.  This could come in the form of additional demands on our time which has the knock on effect of our own dreams taking second place, until we give up on them altogether.    This is why it is important that we get the support of the people in our lives that will be affected by our pursuing our dreams – in some way, reassuring them that they won’t be any less important to us.

Our luck throughout the month is to focus on the more spiritual aspects of our lives.  This way we can come out of any difficult situations with integrity and dignity.  We will gain an understanding of others to the extent that we won’t be so reactive.  For instance, if someone in our vicinity is angry, we won’t feel the need to react back in anger, but to try to understand where that anger is coming from and, thereby, pouring oil on troubled waters rather than throwing fuel onto the fire!

February’s energy is more about internal struggles rather than physical achievements.  It is very much about clearing the old, whether this relates to physical or mental issues, in order to fully embrace the new.  It’s not until the final third of the month that a new energy and purpose starts to emerge and there will be a real feeling of being able to achieve something substantial.  The beginning and middle of the month feel more like being stuck in mud, where the more we fight the deeper we sink.  A day by day, task by task approach would be very helpful.  Celebrate small achievements, tick off each of our tasks, and we are likely to welcome the end of February with a great sense of having sailed through a potentially difficult and draining month.

Wishing you a freeing February with positive self-reflection and the ability to leave the things and people in the past that need to be left there.



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