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February 2019 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in last 6 months:

January and February – Hanged Man

January and February – The Fool

November, December and February – 5 of Wands

September and February – 2 of Cups

September and February – King of Cups

February is lined up to be an impactful month.  Two major arcana cards from January are still affecting us.  We are still being asked to make willing sacrifices of things that are no longer serving us and to come out of our comfort zones to create a more meaningful life for ourselves.  The battle with material reality which appeared for us during the last two months of 2018 is back, so we need to make sure that we don’t get tied up with worries because they ultimately hamper us in dealing with any situation we might be in.

As we start off this month we might feel that nothing particularly exciting is happening in our lives.  It’s the same old, same old – which isn’t helped if we are dealing with winter weather, especially the kind which ensures that we need to stay at home.  Take this time to rest and recuperate, read a book, catch up on sleep – it won’t be like this forever, so it would be good for us to take advantage of the enforced restriction, if we are in that situation.

The first part of February could find some of us having regrets, even feeling betrayed.  We could also be coming to terms with the passing of someone close to us.  Despite any grief we might be experiencing, it is important to also remember the good times and the lessons we learnt from the situation or person – lessons we can take forward with us and use in the navigation of our lives in the future.  We are being asked to make willing sacrifices of some things in our lives in order to embrace new things which will be arriving.  Life is about change and expansion and staying in the same place with the same people rarely honours that.

In the middle part of the month a new person could be arriving in our lives – either on a romantic or business level.  It won’t be a person that we know well or, indeed, at all.  We will be going on a voyage of discovery as we get to know them.  We will also have reason to be very proud of our achievements and will be able to pat ourselves on the back and know we’ve done well.  This is a good mind-set to be in when new people arrive in our lives as we’ll automatically have our best foot forward and will more easily command their respect because of that.

Towards the end of February we will be able to appreciate our achievements more clearly– whether in business or in family circumstances.  We will recognise that we have built something that will survive us and that we can be proud of.  With that recognition will come the realisation that there is more out there for us to do and that it is also time for us to come out of our comfort zones and jump off the cliff into the unknown.  As I said earlier, life is about change and expansion and it quickly becomes stale and unfulfilling if we stop moving forward and cling on to the past like grim death.

As we come to the end of the month we will be asked to take on the role of counsellor and healer as more people will be attracted to us and needing the comfort and advice that we can give.  The last time that this was paramount was six months ago, but it is now back again and much needed in this currently troubled world of ours.

Our luck throughout the month is to win the battle within ourselves regarding the material world.  Maybe we are short of money, or situations within our homes aren’t ideal, but wallowing in the grief, pain, fear, anger or frustration that often comes with these circumstances won’t help us in the slightest.  Hence, our luck is to rise above it all, understand that it doesn’t have to be forever – there is always help out there if we ask for it – both physical and spiritual.  The time that things get really bad is when we panic, because that means that we shut off our intuition and guidance.  When we do that we lose all possibility of winning and overcoming the situation – emotions end up running our lives to the detriment.

I wish you all an adventurous and fulfilling February and the courage to grasp the opportunities that come your way.  If we can let go of who we think we are, there is no knowing what we can ultimately become.



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