Detoxing the Body: SAFELY

Teri DluznieskiSo, if the brain is the body’s strong-hold, the castle.. so to speak.. What does that tell us, when it is not-healthy? think of the brain as being at the top of the food-chain.  The health of the brain depends on the health of all the things that feed it– just like we depend on our food sources being free of poisons and contaminants.  Right?

So, in order to give the challenged brain the very best chance it has to remain healthy, and to improve that health… it is important to make sure the rest of the body is as toxin-free as we can get it. Doesn’t that just make sense?

An important aspect of health  is making sure the body can function optimally.  This is in relation to how many toxins your body may be carrying around. If the body has a lot of toxins, these can interfere with optimal performance.  Toxins clog the intestines and interfere with the absorption of nutrients, and if extremely toxic, can lead to leaky guy syndrome- where toxins actually leak from the intestines BACK into the body-systems. Regardless, toxins are not beneficial.  In an optimal system, with good whole foods, proper exercise and stress-relaxation, the body eliminates these toxins as a matter of course.  However, we are exposed to a lot of things the body was never designed to cope with: an excess of heavy metals, environmental toxins, carcinogens, crappy processed foods, stress from sedentary life-styles.. the list goes on, and on…

Some people do better with a meat and vegetable diet, other bodies prefer grains and carbohydrates. and each body will have its own unique food preferences and sensitivities.  Eating foods the body is sensitive to can cause toxins, weight gain and lack of well-being/ optimal energy.  There may be little rhyme or reason to these nuances.  and if you are having trouble losing weight or feeling really happy and energised, the best thing to do is an elimination diet. Stay off all grains for a few weeks ( this includes all processed foods).  See how you feel.  Within a few days to a week, you should see a difference. If there is a food sensitivity.  In relation to brain health.. you will begin to see better clarity and focus as well as improved overall patterns, in things such as sleep and activity.

After a few weeks, try re-introducing grains ( or whatever has been eliminated), one at a time.  Eat a good portion of that grain for a day or so.  Do you feel any different?  Watch your eating/ sleeping and energy patterns.

Do the same with dairy products, and meats. If you keep some sort of journal to track your experience, and try to assess how well you eat, sleep, and feel.  Drinking a lot of coffee and other stimulants, can interfere with really KNOWING how you and your body are feeling.  But if you are a regular coffee drinker, and make sure to NOT drink additional coffee/ caffeine- so that those levels stay consistent.. then you may be able to tell if there is an improvement or change.

Detoxing the body is important, and we are so inundated with toxins that the body ISN’T able to do it without support of some sorts.

What most people don’t realise, is that when they go on these hard crash diets and cleanses– they are flushing toxins out faster than the body can remove them- and they then impact the body’s functions and organs.

Here are a couple of ways to support the body and help remove toxins without the crash diets and hard detoxes that some methods advocate.  They may work for some people- but generally, regular, consistent nurturing maintenance is far more effective and less disruptive to both you and your body.

  • A day long fast, once a week can help detox the body. A fast allows the system to “rest.”  And while it is not occupied with digesting, it can clear out toxins.
  • There are many holistic supports for detoxing the body.  AND, simply eating healthy is not always enough to clear out things like fat based toxins and heavy metals and neural-toxins.  The body has stored them into safe places to protect the rest of the body functions.
    • Bentonite clay, 1 teaspoon in water, daily, can help to gently and safely wrap up and remove toxins from the body.
    • Cilantro Pesto, works to safely remove heavy metals and other neural toxins from the system.
    • Artichoke and milk-thistle are both very supportive for the liver and help to detox the body.  Available in teas and tinctures from most health food stores or herbal suppliers.
    • Chaga is great for cleansing the blood, supporting and detoxing the liver AND helping the body to have better energy.  All this without the hard stress on the body of a heavy detox!
    • Burdock root is a great blood cleanser!  It is also a tasty meal. sauteed with garlic and olive oil it is a great wild crafted meal!  You can also make a nice burdock tea from the roots.  It turns a rich dark green because of all the dense nutrients in it! It tastes rich and nourishing, and helps to flush toxins out of the body, and remove toxins from joints.
    • Nettle can be made into tea or pesto: either way it is a good way to help flush toxins out of the body while supporting it with a lot of beneficial nutrients and minerals.
    • Saunas can also work to remove toxins from the body- as the skin is the body’s largest organ, and is the most effective way to move things into and out of the body.  In fact, when there are skin rashes or other disorders- it is a sign that the body is too backed up with toxins and the body is trying to get the yucky stuff out through the shortest route. the skin.
    • Salt and vinegar baths can also be beneficial, for the same reasons.  They are also soothing and relaxing- which will also help the body heal itself from toxins.  Stress is a huge interference with ANY healing process.  Stress keeps the body in fight-flight mode.  and when it is in that state, it will not do ANYTHING very well, as it is saving reserves for potential danger.
    • Exercise is also an excellent way to help the body cleanse itself.  When we exercise, all the body systems engage and tune-up, sort of.  the metabolism kicks in and gets into gear.  In the process, it cleans house. It also allows us to sweat, which removes toxins via the skin:)
    • Stress reduction: Yoga, Tai-chi, meditation or something that relaxes the body and brain from all the chatter, running can be soothing, as can swimming, or other activities that are rhythmic, such as drumming, dance or yoga.

Stress-reduction, healthy diet, and informed choices about clearing the toxins from the body. following these simple ideas can certainly lead to feeling a lot better, having more energy, and a happier body that will be more productive on a regular basis.



I am an Education Specialist, Health Coach and Author. I work with aspects of the teachings I have learned from Andean shamanic and cosmology, to health, nutrition and education.  Everything is energy. Energy must flow. Like water, when it does not flow, it stagnates and is not healthy. These techniques help your life to flow. I have been initiated into many of the ancient lineages and learned ceremonies, rites of passage and healing techniques.  I have worked as a healer and done workshops and taught some of these aspects – passing the teachings on.

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