Curcumin is Not New! What is New Is The Clinical Proof

John Osborne“Anyone doubting that there is any real science to support the Curcumin story might be in for a surprise. A search of Medline on the internet reveals some 1,800 studies describing the various activities of turmeric/curcumin. According to a 2005 Wall Street Journal article titled “Common Indian Spice Stirs Hope” research activity into curcumin is exploding. In that year there were nearly 300 scientific and technical papers referenced to curcumin on the Pub Med database.

What is it about curcumin that has so many scientists excited? The starting point is inflammation which is known to play a major role in the development of most diseases including: Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Pulmonary diseases, Neurological diseases (including Alzheimers), Autoimmune diseases, Arthritis and Diabetes.”

The above extract is taken from a paper freely available on the net – The Curcumin Story  And to help us see just a very small number of benefits curcumin carries, they have used an “Aggarwal style” diagram. Using this clever little diagram we get a direct link into the ways of something called NF-kB (nuclear transcription factor kappa beta) and how it comes up.


Without getting into the complex subject of molecular biology, all we need to understand at this point is that NF-kB has a major role in most diseases and inhibition (blocking) of NF-kB can suppress inflammation. The list of diseases that have been shown to be associated with activation of NF-kB is indeed lengthy and includes all of those listed above and many more. It is more a question of what isn’t on the list rather than what is. And, to cut a long story short, it is now known that curcumin is probably the most effective drug, natural or otherwise, in the world.  But, please be aware, it is not Curcuma longa, which is turmeric, the root from which curcumin is extracted.


Curcumin can cure any and all of the diseases on the following diagram – and a whole lot more.


You might already have read of my great respect for Dr.B.B.Aggarwal of the M.D.Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, Texas. The good doctor is a brave man in that he swam against the tide of credibility, including his own peers and employers, who for years ridiculed him; until, one day, on the other side of the world in India his Boss heard Bharat give a lecture. That was the beginning of published facts coming out.

Now, as our good friends in New Zealand confirm, there are many tens of hundreds of confirmed papers. The Chinese recently published one on how they had used curcumin in the treatment of so called “incurable” breast cancer;  ”A study from Zheijian Provincial People’s Hospital in Zheijiang, China indicates that curcumin is capable of inducing apoptosis (cell death) within triple negative breast cancer cells. Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a type of cancer that defies conventional therapy.” Curcumin slays cancer cells

Yes, curcumin is not new. It is as old as the world. It has been used to cure diseases for millennia. What is new is that man in his wisdom can now prove it is the best way to rid the world of cancer and other horrible killers. It is up to us to ensure that we get the best. Tell your doctor you want curcumin – not chemicals. The way to good health is yours for the taking.

The link into that site is Curcumin Research; try that one. The info that really matters is this one – Prevention and treatment of lung cancer – naturally. It is an hour long but tells the whole tale. You may quote from it happily with Bharat’s permission.

Also this is extracted, again with permission. It is really a précis of the video.

“All evidence accumulated so far clearly indicates that curcumin protects against cancer, cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes, the major ailments in the US. This drug has also shown preventative as well as therapeutic effects against Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, Cataract formation, AIDS and drug-induced nonspecific toxicity in the heart, lungs and kidneys. Several of the studies establishing curcumin’s potential were carried out on animals. Further testing in humans is underway to confirm these observations.

A clinical development plan for using Curcumin to treat cancer was recently described by the NCI. Studies also show that in countries such as India, which consume Curcumin, the profile of cancer incidence is very different from those that do not, such as in the US.

How Curcumin produces its therapeutic effects is not fully understood, but they are probably mediated in part through the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action of Curcumin. It is quite likely that Curcumin mediates its effects through other mechanisms as well. Over a dozen different cellular proteins and enzymes have been identified to which Curcumin binds. High throughput ligand-interacting technology and microarray technology have begun to reveal more molecular targets and genes affected by curcumin.”

This extract is taken with permission, from :-

CURCUMIN – BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICINAL PROPERTIES, Bharat B. Aggarwal, Indra D.Bhatt, Haruyo Ichikawa, Kwang Seok Ahn, Gautham Sethi, Santosh K. Sandur, Chitra Natarajan, Navindra Seeram and Shishir Shishodia. July 2006.

Also my new video, subject to vetting. I have not seen it yet as we have changed the old curcumin info and updated it. YouTube



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