The Psychology of The Horse – Part 1 of 5

Horse Psychology can be defined as: ”the scientific study of the horse’s mind and its functions.  Encompassing the mental characteristics or attitude of the species” – (link no longer available) This field of study is growing so hopefully, as … Read More

The Future of Our Bees – Part 5 of 5

Supporting bees and other pollinators There are now schemes where you can own a part-share in a bee colony.  One example is Adopt-a-Hive Ltd based in Oswestry in Shropshire.  They aim to support bees and raise public awareness.  Their membership … Read More

The Future of Our Bees – Part 4 of 5

Last week I began to explore some of the threats challenging the honey bee.  In addition to parasites the bees are also suffering from: Habitat loss Farming habits in England have changed dramatically in the last century.  We now have … Read More

The Future of Our Bees – Part 3 of 5

Issues facing the honey bee Scientists are still unsure why so many bees are dying. Various different causes have been proposed: parasites, loss of suitable habitat, bad weather, pesticides.  It is probably a combination of some or all of these … Read More

The Future of Our Bees – Part 2 of 5

Last week I began looking at the life of a bee colony.  As the numbers grow the colony can reach the point at which it becomes too big for the hive, the worker bees start turning one of the female … Read More

The Future of Our Bees – Part 1 of 5

Back in June 2015 the campaign group 38 Degrees held an event in Westminster to “arm our MPs with everything they need to know about bees and bee-killing pesticides.”  That was over 2 years ago but bees and pesticides are very much … Read More

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