Saying ‘No’

Isn’t it interesting how allowing our horses to say ‘No’ can bring up so much stuff – both for them and for us!? Since Dax arrived there have been some changes in his behaviour, as those of you who’ve been … Read More

The Beast Within

Those of you who’ve been following this blog – or even who’ve just read last week’s post – will be wondering what I meant by Dax’s ‘darker side’.  Let me start by saying that overall this boy is very sweet … Read More


Around the time that the changes I outlined last week were going on, the trimmer, Caroline Wang-Andresen of Hoofing Marvellous, came for her second visit. I spoke with her about what was going on with Dax and mentioned that he … Read More

A Beautiful Enigma

The weeks rolled on and Dax’s behaviour started to change subtly.  When he’d first arrived in Bristol he’d seemed happy to walk around on a lead rope and follow me wherever I took him: into the stable, into the field … Read More

Challenges and Triggers

Last week I started the story of how a handsome young gelding came into my life.  This week I’d like to formally introduce him!  In his previous home he was known as Lucky, however I felt drawn to giving him … Read More

My New Friend

Oh boy!  What a journey this is turning out to be! As I began writing this I was waiting in excited anticipation for the arrival of the horse that I’ve taken on permanent loan.  He was travelling from St Albans … Read More

The Psychology of The Horse – Part 5 of 5

Something we need to consider when our horses are stabled is what and how we feed them.  Think about how the horse eats and drinks in the wild.  Here they graze for up to sixteen hours a day, eating grass … Read More

The Psychology of The Horse – Part 4 of 5

Many of the situations in which we keep horses mean that it’s not possible for them to be turned out all the time.  We therefore need to think of ways of making their time in the stable more ‘natural’.  For … Read More

The Psychology of The Horse – Part 3 of 5

Last week I mentioned that stabling can be stressful for horses, so what can we do to provide them with a more appropriate environment? Where at all possible it is best to try to create natural conditions as far as … Read More

The Psychology of The Horse – Part 2 of 5

Last week I looked at some of the similarities and differences between us and our equine friends.  One of the ways we can see this is in our use of body language.  For example, when two horses meet, they introduce … Read More

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