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    As the title indicates, this is a place to find all events that are organised either by Soulfully Connecting or by the community at large. Can you imagine holding a workshop knowing that it’s being advertised on a global level? People flocking to your healing retreat from miles away who wouldn’t normally have heard anything about it!

    In the fullness of time there will be events and get-togethers held by Soulfully Connecting – they will be at different venues in various parts of the world, and they will each be dedicated to different audiences. The purpose is for people of like-mind and interests to meet, exchange ideas, learn and make new friends. These will be social occasions with, on occasion, a guest speaker. We are sure they will develop over time, but that is the plan for now.

    What is more important to us right now is to highlight the many excellent people who are already organising events, retreats and workshops all over the world, and to point the arrow in their direction in order to give visitors to this site more choice and information.

    Event:           an occasion or experience

    Retreat:        havens and sanctuaries

    Workshop:    training and seminars

    Bridging the Rainbow online retreat @ online
    Mar 20 – Mar 23 all-day

    Every time you are faced with a limitation, understand that there is an aspect of yourself that is fighting, struggling, trying to understand why, how, or what to do about something.

    Such struggling does not take you to the core of wisdom, that can be experienced through meditation, because meditation is about being completely detached from everything, so that you can be totally focused on the divine.

    This is the path that I constantly remind you of.

    This is the path that you and your meditation can constantly remind you about.

    Take your attention away from the pictures that are swirling in the mind, and come back home to the divine aspect.


    4 Day Option – €198.00

    2 Day Option – €99.00