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    As the title indicates, this is a place to find all events that are organised either by Soulfully Connecting or by the community at large. Can you imagine holding a workshop knowing that it’s being advertised on a global level? People flocking to your healing retreat from miles away who wouldn’t normally have heard anything about it!

    In the fullness of time there will be events and get-togethers held by Soulfully Connecting – they will be at different venues in various parts of the world, and they will each be dedicated to different audiences. The purpose is for people of like-mind and interests to meet, exchange ideas, learn and make new friends. These will be social occasions with, on occasion, a guest speaker. We are sure they will develop over time, but that is the plan for now.

    What is more important to us right now is to highlight the many excellent people who are already organising events, retreats and workshops all over the world, and to point the arrow in their direction in order to give visitors to this site more choice and information.

    Event:           an occasion or experience

    Retreat:        havens and sanctuaries

    Workshop:    training and seminars

    Dream & Meditation SPA Retreat with Tony Samara @ Grand Hotel Sava
    Nov 9 @ 4:30 pm – Nov 15 @ 1:00 pm

    Experience a transformational, profound and unforgettable Dream & Meditation SPA Retreat with Tony Samara!

    Join us at this unique retreat where we will work with our dreams, explore our subconsciousness, transcend our limitations, practice lucid dreaming, and much more! We will be using special techniques, sounds, meditations and the star of the retreat: The Floating Meditation, all under the loving guidance and support of Tony Samara.

    This retreat is suitable for everyone, from the complete beginner to the experienced meditator. The meditations, guided visualisations, talks, energy exercises, dream techniques and practical wisdoms will be diverse, easy to follow, powerful and fun!



    We will start on Friday evening after a nurturing dinner with an introductory programme with Tony Samara that will prepare everyone for the first night full of dreams. The retreat will continue with an intense transformative and unforgettable weekend and from Monday we will deepen our experience.


    Friday, 9 November

    Arrival, Registration, Check in

    We will arrive at the beautiful Grand Sava Hotel **** where the registration of the attendees will take place from 16:30 – 18:00. After the nurturing and healthy dinner, we will begin the retreat with an evening program with Tony Samara and prepare for the first night of dream work.

    The attendees of the Pre-Rogaška Dream Retreat in September will begin the retreat sooner, right after dinner, with the exclusive one-hour meditation & sharing experience.


    Saturday and Sunday

    Dream and Meditation SPA Weekend

    The Weekend will be a beautiful, intense and unique experience of self-exploration and growth using special meditations and techniques under the guidance of an experienced teacher, Tony Samara. This retreat will be especially focused on our subconsciousness and the dream work will be used as a bridge to understanding and working with it.  The schedule will be full from morning to evening and will include a floating meditation in the thermal pool, at least 9 hours of programmes with Tony Samara and time for utilising the SPA and enjoying nature walks. We will have the opportunity to practice presence by enjoying a gluten-free and plant-based diet, that will not only be healthy, but super delicious. The weekend will conclude at 13:00.


    Monday to Thursday

    Going Deeper

    In a smaller, more intimate group, we will deepen the knowledge and continue walking the path of self-exploration using the dreams and meditations. In the mornings, until lunch, we will go deeper in the programme with Tony Samara. There will be more time for questions, individual dream work as well as for special exercises. In the afternoons we will have time for walks in nature, the SPA, swimming in the healing water, Floating meditations, as well as one-to-one sessions with Tony Samara.  Depending on the weather Tony might also guide us on a Quest Walk. Our physical body will be supported by healing food and the thermal water, as well as special detoxes. The 6-day SPA retreat will conclude on Thursday at 13:00.


    The attendees are invited to choose their contribution for this unique retreat in the suggested ranges:

    • Weekend Dream & Meditate SPA retreat (Friday 16:30 – Sunday 13:00): 170 Eur – 250 Eur
    • Going Deeper SPA Retreat (Monday – Thursday, 4 days): 210 – 290 Eur

    To secure the place the participants are required to pay a deposit of 30 Eur for the Weekend program and 50 Eur for the complete retreat via bank account. We will send you the details after we receive your booking form! The remaining of the contribution the participants pay in cash upon arrival or if preferred to (the same) bank account.

    It is pre-requisite that to attend the “Going Deeper” part of the retreat, one must first attend the Weekend Dream & Meditation part of the retreat.

    If you feel you are called to join us, but you hesitate due to financial reasons, write to us and we will see what we can do. Let’s make dreams come true!


    Creative Wellspring Retreat @ Domaine de Pessel
    Nov 20 @ 6:00 pm – Nov 24 @ 1:00 pm

    The Creative Wellspring is an exclusive, intimate retreat in South West France for just six people, carefully crafted with serving your creative genius in mind.

    Because sometimes in life, in order to advance – it’s important that we first retreat. That we find some solitude and stop, reflect and renew.

    Join Christine Miller for five days of retreat in the beauty and stillness of nature where we will relax and revive in an inspirational space, with calm and peace to #nurture your creativity #explore and expand your vision #access your imagination #harness your flow of ideas into valuable assets for your life

    Held at Christine’s French home, the delightful Domaine de Pessel in France’s stunning Dordogne, The Creative Wellspring  combines Christine’s skillful and incisive insight, wisdom and experience, gracefully prompting you to find focus, with the time and space to weave and meld your own magical creations into being.



    Alderley Edge Mind Body Spirit Event @ Festival Hall
    Nov 24 @ 10:00 am – Nov 25 @ 6:00 pm

    30 + Exhibitors – International Mediums Simon Goodfellow, David Traynor, Mark Aston, Ali Mather, Shirley Rose, Leigh Rebekha, & Stephanie J. King International Trance Medium Healer & Author, join her opening angelic meditation each day, or an astrology with Jackie Townsend, or have your psychic art portrait with Kaye Anna Law coupled with a reading or a aura soma consultation so much to do so much to see.

    International Healers Crystal Bed Healing With Zari Love, a Past Life Regression with John Richardson, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Access The Bars™, Energy Facelifts, Emotional freedom Technique (EFT) & Matrix Reimprinitng are a mixture of acupressure and modern psychology, Andrea from BAmazingu uses this powerful yet gentle combination, empowering you to resolve issues,also Leslé Ayre – Will Be available offering Source energy healing.

    Retailers of beautiful crystals, crystal balls, geodes, tumblestones, dowsing pendants, for meditation, healing, bespoke crystal jewellery, magnetix wellness jewellery, unique gifts, mandala pictures, mandala painted stones, shells & Christmas baubles to decorate  your home for the festive season, wall hangings, buddhas, incense, orgonite pyramids, Aloe Vera, Tropic Products, beautiful Italian clothing at very affordable prices and so much more.

    24 + Talks & Workshops to be scheduled soon so stay updated Including – Meditation,  Laughter Yoga, Tai Chi, Crystal Bed Healing With John of God ,Past life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Mediumship Demonstrations, Goddess Empowerment, Essential Oil Educator, Indigo Education For Spirited Learners, David Traynor International Medium will be doing the after show demo of mediumship each day, in fact on the Saturday we have three different demos starting with Ali Mather at 11am , and the penultimate demo at 4:30pm with Simon Goodfellow. 5pm until 6pm all workshops included in the entrance.


    Free Raffle, Free Magazine, Free Workshops for every entrant.

    All 24 + Talks and Workshops Demonstrations of Mediums Are All Included In the Entrance fee

    Tickets in advance £3 concession / £3:50 full & Weekend Pass £5/£6 in advance or £1 more when paying on the day.



    Tony Samara – The Path of the Heart @ Hotel Vila Galé Sintra
    Dec 1 @ 11:25 am – Dec 4 @ 11:25 am

    “Spiritual practice is allowing the temple (your body) to be full of light and to live life as a total celebration.”  Tony Samara

    This 4-day event is open to all people who want to experience life in a more balanced, optimal and joyful way.

    Tony Samara is a spiritual teacher and author of over a dozen books. He has been sharing deep evolutionary work and inspiring people to incorporate meditation into their daily life for more than 25 years. Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based diet & a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.



    No previous meditational experience or belief system required. Everyone will experience exactly what they need and will be wholly supported by Tony Samara’s extraordinary insightful wisdom, gracefulness and positivity.


    Themes covered in this event:

    1. Presence through breathing as a gateway to our true Being

    2. Enhancing Intuition
    3. The importance of Loving Kindness in the world of today

    4. How to make conscious choices – food, thoughts, actions

    5. How to set a focused & clear intention

    6. How to work with dreams to enhance everyday living

    7. Dissolving limited belief systems

    8. Ancient wisdoms translated into practical easy to apply steps

    9. Powerful healing transmissions

    10. Insights into quantum physics, neuroscience and spirituality

    11. Meditation and guided visualizations

    What you can expect to take place during the day:

    • Morning and afternoon talks called Satsangs
      (Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means gathering together for the truth/ being with the truth)

    • Dream work (working with a personal dream in the group)

    • Gentle exercises (such as journeys to the heart and essence)

    • Visualizations (such as meditations that harmonise mind, body and emotions)

    • Strong meditational practices (such as the ancient whirling meditation)

    • Breathing exercises drawn from Tony Samara’s wealth of experience with ancient shamanic, oriental and Zen Buddhist traditions

    • Journeying accompanied by sacred ancient musical instruments

    • Detoxing the body with gentle herbal drinks throughout the day

    • A powerful but gentle cleansing detox of the colon with natural pills (optional)

    • Breaks to enjoy exploring the surroundings, swimming in the indoor pool or requesting extra spa facilities of the hotel

    Morning yoga classes (optional)



    Brixton Vegan Market ~ Happy New Year! @ Brixton Station Road
    Jan 27 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

    Take a trip South of the River & discover our vegan delights & more!  Opposite Craft Beer Co.

    We regularly have authentic Italian Pizzas, Trinidadian curries, Raw treats, Sugar Free cakes, burgers, hotdogs, Eco Friendly gifts & products, plus Art Workshops & live music, with more to come in 2019 including Popcorn, Waffles, & Freak Shakes!

    See you South of the River in 2019!


    Additional Event Dates:

    24/2/2019 – 11:00 to 16:00

    31/3/2019 – 11:00 to 16:00


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