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    The promotion of your events, retreats and workshops is a free service.

    As the title indicates, this is a place to find all events that are organised either by Soulfully Connecting or by the community at large. Can you imagine holding a workshop knowing that it’s being advertised on a global level? People flocking to your healing retreat from miles away who wouldn’t normally have heard anything about it!

    In the fullness of time there will be events and get-togethers held by Soulfully Connecting – they will be at different venues in various parts of the world, and they will each be dedicated to different audiences. The purpose is for people of like-mind and interests to meet, exchange ideas, learn and make new friends. These will be social occasions with, on occasion, a guest speaker. We are sure they will develop over time, but that is the plan for now.

    What is more important to us right now is to highlight the many excellent people who are already organising events, retreats and workshops all over the world, and to point the arrow in their direction in order to give visitors to this site more choice and information.

    Event:           an occasion or experience

    Retreat:        havens and sanctuaries

    Workshop:    training and seminars

    Holistic Care for Dogs & Cats @ Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally
    Jul 7 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

    Would you like to learn some simple tips for keeping your dog or cat happy and healthy?

    This workshop looks at how we can best support the wellbeing of our beloved pets through diet and good health care. Needs will vary from animal to animal and individual to individual, and will change over the lifetime of your pet.

    We will also look at ways to recognise when your animal is ill and things you can do to aid their recovery.

    Space is limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

    Cost: £40.00

    Early bird price: £32.00
    (for places booked before 18 May and 9 June respectively)

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




    Feel Your Way from Stress into ‘Flow’ @ Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally
    Jul 14 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

    Are you experiencing stress and overwhelm?

    Is it causing you:
    – sleepless nights?
    – tension and pain in your body?
    – exhaustion?
    – digestive / skin / other health problems?

    Would you like to learn some simple techniques to help you create a healthier and happier life?

    This workshop looks at what is happening when we experience ‘overwhelm’ and why stress can be so damaging to our health.

    I will share simple steps you can take to support your own wellbeing and help you to create a greater sense of ‘balance’ in your day to day life, so that you feel able to deal with whatever comes your way.

    Cost: £35

    Early bird price: £28.00
    (if booked before 25 May / 22 June respectively)

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.





    Northwich Mind Body Spirit Event @ Northwich Memorial Court (The New Brio Leisure Centre)
    Jul 28 @ 10:00 am – Jul 29 @ 6:00 pm

    40 + Exhibitors International Mediums, Simon Goodfellow, David Traynor, Ali Mather, Mark Aston, Stephanie J. King, Shirley Rose, Leigh Rebekha, Michelle Lawson, Glennis Martin, and Angela Welsh or have your astrology chart completed by Jackie Townsend from Leomoon Astrology.

    We also have the colourful world of aura soma, where a consultation will resonate with your soul’s purpose, with this beautiful array of bottles to choose from. Ever had your aura picture taken?  Well here is an opportunity too as Kevin Doe will be available for an Aura Interpretation.

    Also we have a very gifted Spiritual Artist who is psychic medium too that creates beautiful and unique portraits of spirit guides and animal portraits, she has had this gift since she was very young and would love the opportunity of sharing this with you, her name is Kaye Anna Law.  We will also be doing a free raffle prize both days at 1pm for a portrait and reading with her .

    A Cornucopia of Healers

    • Meet Jeanette Wilson International Psychic Surgeon – Coming From New Zealand and available for one to one healings which you can pre book or attend her workshop each day where a demonstration will also be part of it.  Also she will be selling her CDs and books too.
    • We will have international healer Irma Ziolkowska Crystal Bed Healing from John of God,
    • Barbara Louvrou With Access The Bars™,
    • Mungo Dalglish demonstrating no hands massage,
    • For Past Life Regression book your one to one session with John Richardson at the event and talk to him about the hypnotherapy workshops and one to one sessions he also provides away from the event.
    • We have several authors attending the event and healer Patricia O’Toole is one of them coming all the way from Ireland, she will be available for book signings and workshop and healing. This book has been number one on Amazon UK kindle for 2 months!

    An Excellent Array Of Retailers

    • Such as fairyland aromatics coming all the way from Scotland with a fantastic range of oils, incense burners, incense sundries,
    • Victoria Jane – With an extensive Range of Hand Picked High Energy Crystal Balls from Crystal Balls UK & Derek Hitchcock from  Silvermoon Crystals
    • Laura Miles with her beautiful Sterling Silver gemstone jewellery and gemstone carvings and specimens also magnetix wellness jewellery too,
    • The Soul Sisters will be with us selling beautiful cultural items to nourish the soul, buddhas, singing bowls, wall hangings,  also The Nu- me range of EMF protectors, PXP Royale micronized purple rice and pinhole glasses, beautiful designer Italian clothing, health products, aloe vera, tropic, Doterra, bespoke made orgonite pyramids, salt lamps, selenite lamps, incense, and lots of other unusual products, which make brilliant gifts and so much more.


    Talks & Workshops To Inspire & Guide You – Saturday 28th July

     ♥ In The Foyer Bar Room  ♥

    ( at the main entrance )

    10:15am –Opening Meditation Saturday Forgiveness Meditation – Sitting comfortably, with eyes closed, breath gently and sense again all the barriers you have erected and the emotions you have carried because you struggled to forgive; yourself or others.

    For more info on this meditation click – Stephanie J. King Soulpreneur / Author / Healer / Reader

    11:00am – Demonstration of Mediumship with Ali Mather – Bringing Loved ones Through With compassion They Never Say Goodbye

    11:30pm – Shirley Rose Talks About Her Spiritual Journey

    12:00pm – The amazing world of aura imaging with Kevin Doe – in this colourful workshop you may discover your natural ability to see auras.

    12:30pm– No Hands Massage & Permaculture Farming Come stay with us, learn with us, heal with us. – With Mungo Dalglish

    1:00pm – Find your soul’s purpose with Aura Soma consultant Susan Bailey

    1:30pm– The Si-Stars of the New Dawn “Goddess Empowerment: Tap into the Power of the Divine Feminine within you.” ”Working with the Divine Feminine, empowering women in a Soulful and Angelic way.With Leigh Rebekha & Michelle Lawson

    2:15pm –  ♥ Join Jeanette Wilson International Psychic Surgeon ♥ Often known as the Travelling healer. Jeanette will be providing a workshop & demonstration so it certainly worth putting that in your diary too.  She is coming from New Zealand.

    3:00pm – An Interactive Workshop”How to give and receive angelic energy’ An interactive workshop demonstrating how we can all reach the angels and feel their presence with author and healer Patricia O’Toole

    3:30pm – Leigh Rebekha – Finding Your Soul’s Journey. Why Your Birth Name Is So Important, Find Out About The Impact The Sound Of Your Name Has, Where Your Soul Has Been , Whats Your Soul Purpose In This Life & Where You Might Be Heading?. Ever Wondered Why Your Here?. Soul To Soul Connections Are To Be Made In This Eye Opening Demonstration.

    4:00pm – Learn More About Past Life Regression & Spiritual Connections Including John’s Fascinating Demonstration Showing You Why Hypnosis Is Nothing To Fear , John Richardson Has Been A Professional Stage and Clinical Hypnotherapist For Many Years and His Talks and Demonstrations are Packed With Information and Fun… Yes Fun You Will Soon See The Benefits of Hypnosis and How Hypnotherapy Can Help You …Yes YOU!!

    4:30pm – A dazzling demonstration of mediumship with Simon Goodfellow not to be missed.

    5:00pm – Join Practitioner & Facilitator Introduction To Access The Bars – How This Marvellous Therapy Declutters Your Mind Enabling you To Organize And Prioritize Its Managing Your Internal Filing System Enabling You To Get On With Focus Clearly. With Accessing Consciousness, Empowering People to know What They Know Barbara Louvrou A Great Way To End Saturdays Northwich MBS Experience.


     ♥ Community Room  ♥

    12:00pm –Doterra Oils – The benefits of using essential oils to manage stress & support the immune system with Dawn Murray.

    1:00pm – Making A Better ME With Mining Me A Self Revealing Survey – what direction are you heading in spiritually? With Author Christopher Gilmore

    2:00pm – Crystal Bed Healing & Healing from John of Gods with Irma Ziolkowska

    2:30pm – Chen Style Tai Chi With Clive Howells Local Instructor, graceful movement creating energy, its so beneficial for you. You can observe or and join in .

    3:30pm – Come see this entertaining Spirit Medium David Traynor whose accurate demonstration of clairvoyance combines with Spirit Communication, over shadowment with Psychic Art, humour and compassion. On Sunday David Will Be Doing One hours Demonstration 5pm until 6pm.

    4:00pm – Join Jackie Townsend – Leo Moon Astrology – For A ‘Snapshot of the Heavens’ –Your individual Astrological Birth Chart is a snapshot of the solar system the moment you were born. Discover how the planetary energies provide a blueprint of your true purpose, identity, soul quest and life path.


    All Talks and workshops for Sunday to be fully updated soon –