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Eco Friendly Living

A lot of us are gradually turning away from consumerism and attempting to embrace a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. However, do all of us really know what we are doing in this important area of our lives? We have certainly had a few shocks along our paths and I’m equally sure there will be a few more to come!

How can we tell if the food we are eating is truly organic?
Are the clothes we wear or the materials we use in our homes really natural?
Is our furniture going to add to yet another landfill site and the products we use poison the earth?
Is our house built in a fashion that will be pleasing to the eye and kind to the planet?
How do we use alternative methods of heating and lighting?
How does our form of transportation impact the planet?
Does living in a city make it more difficult to be self-sufficient than if you live in the country?

This category is for all those who are already living a self-sufficient or more conscious lifestyle, and for those of us who are making the attempt.

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