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Animal Kingdom

What would we do without our animal friends – the dog that is devoted to us, the cat that allows us to serve them, the horse that we ride, the birds that wake us up in the morning with their merry chirping? These are the animal visions that make us feel warm and cosy inside, but what about the many, many species that are fighting for their very existence?

The creatures of the sea which are struggling to survive because of the pollution that is being forced upon them.The oil spills which are killing off our feathered friends as much as they are killing off the fish and other marine life. How about the land creatures that are losing their habitat because the forests are being destroyed for one man-made reason or another? There are so many species that are rushing towards extinction because we either don’t know or don’t care about their fight for survival. We haven’t even covered the tip of this particular iceberg. Every single creature on this planet has a purpose, whether it is an elephant or a bug.

This category is for all those who are endeavouring to make a difference to the quality of life of our fellow inhabitants on Planet Earth. Help them to make us aware.

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Natures Message – Animal Communication & Healing
Animal Communication and Healing for all creatures great and small.
Equenergy: Horse & Human in Harmony
United Kingdom
Keeping ourselves and our animals healthier and happier through connection with Nature