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Business Name: Remede Naturel
Contact Name: John Osborne
Country: France
Online business?: Yes
Town/City: La Houssiere
Post/Zip Code: 88430
Short Business Description: Remede Naturel offers a full range of advice, help and natural remedies for almost all bodily ailments. This includes the so called “incurable diseases”. Working with the world’s leading authorities on the natural way to resolve everything from arthritis and cancer to herpes and eczema to Zona , another name for shingles, Remede Naturel owners, Nathalie & John, are able, from experience gained over 35 or more years to assist.

All our advice is free. All our products are natural. We have a very high success rate, allied to such as the near 90% cure rate achieved using most of our natural products, based on client feedback and clinical research.
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Based in France and the UK we provide our clients, both Professional and private, around the world with a diverse range of proven natural remedies, our clients reporting some incredible results.

First established by John under a different banner, Remede Naturel began in spirit decades ago, as John turned to natural remedies to deal with work related stress and anxiety that had been troubling him through a busy period. Incredibly quickly the remedies de-stressed and left him feeling wonderful, beginning a lifelong interest that grew into offering advice to friends, and then eventually setting up in business originally with a market stall at Tavistock Market .

Selling that business a few years later John moved to France but was still often asked to provide recommendations on natural remedies by friends, so, with his wife Nathalie, a “Natural Healer”, they re-established the company in France and began selling online, mostly in mainland Europe. Gradually building a customer base on word of mouth and excellent quality of products and service, the company has now expanded back into the UK as Remede Naturel and is looking towards enhancing an even fuller international service.

Quality is the essential ingredient for Remede Naturel, sourcing the very best products from around the world for the benefit of customers. Our Serrapeptase, “The Miraculous Enzyme” and Curcumin99™, “The Indian Solid Gold”,, get some of the best results in the world thanks to our detailed research to find the very best sources of these natural ingredients, aided by the worlds most eminent specialists.

With a background in engineering, John always looked at a problem wanting to know how to solve it by the use of a variety of natural sciences, rather than how best to make money out of it; his ethos has always been that the business could take care of itself so long as the products did what they promised. With family members suffering from various complaints he worked at finding and creating ways with which to help and resolve them, then sharing the results with customers around the world.

Based in France and the UK Remede Naturel continues to provide the best examples of natural remedies from around the world, to customers across the UK and Ireland including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool and Bristol, and options for international orders with regular customer in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and throughout mainland Europe.

You can find our full range of natural remedies, essential oils and home cures in our online store where we regularly set up special offers such as our popular four-for-the-price-of-three multi-buys, and if you want some advice or guidance on which product might best work for you, please do contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help.

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Business Phone Number: 441736887880
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Additional Information: It is a known fact that natural products for our health are better than any chemical. However, the market is mostly filled with poor quality, often completely useless products, full of “additives” that have no beneficial or even detrimental effect.

We advise anyone buying “natural” to read the label and decide if it what is required. It can say “Organic Curcumin” on the label but in the ingredients there are a long list of “other ingredients”. Avoid such products and look for those that state exactly what they are – pure and unadulterated. If you are in any doubt, check before you buy. Ou experience shows that most people buy poor quality not good quality.
Testimonials: I wish to thank you for all your help and kindness. Mme. F.L. 03700. France.

Could you please set it up for me to have another 16 bottles of the capsules. I have sold all of the first order of Serrapeptase and I need to reorder, please. We are having some amazing results. One lady who broke her back many years ago and has been suffering severe pain ever since, told me after just 3 days of taking your Serrapeptase that she no longer has any pain. She still has the restricted movement due to the fused bones, but she feels that she has her life back. Karen N., UK.

After just one week of Serrapeptase, my daughter, who has really suffered badly from a violent Eczema and psoriasis in her hair for more than 6 months, no longer has that terrible itching and the scars are almost gone. Thank you most sincerely. Mme V.H. France

I have endured poor hearing for some time, especially a problem for me when I visited my son as I had to ask him to turn up the sound of the television so that I could hear., which was not comfortable for the others. Then I got the pamphlet on the Pocketalker from Remede Naturel. I was immediately convinced. I ordered one of the units, I would rather lose only £199 rather than the many hundreds and often thousands of pounds some of my friends had paid in the High Street Shops with which they are far from satisfied As soon as the unit came I tried it . I put the sound on the television right down so that I could not hear it then I put the earpiece of the Pocketalker into my ear. What a gem! I could hear perfectly and was able to adjust the tone and sound myself for optimum comfort. I am looking forward to using my Pocketalker all the time! Mme.J.J. 91320, France. (HC Comment; all our hearing assistance models come with a money back guarantee.)

I have been suffering from a more than painful sciatica for over a month. I have had several sessions with my osteopath, but with little success. After visiting your home and having … accepted to have a session of your Amma Massage…the most fantastic thing happened. ALMOST ALL THE PAIN DISAPPEARED! How do you explain this? I do not know, but I do know that the awful discomfort just disappeared. And now, just one week later, I have a new life. Mr. D, 54, France

I would like to tell you just how happy I am with your Serrapeptase. I took it for 4 weeks and all the symptoms I had of chestyness, blocked nose and sinus have virtually disappeared. I am really very happy. Thank you. Mme. M.C.V. France.

“I have wonderful news for you! I have worn the bracelet for three days now and I no longer have my back pain which I have suffered for years. I hope that it lasts! I think that this bracelet is really something.” Mme. M.P Dept 88, France.

I really apprediate the speed with which you have helped me and I must tell you that the creams ( Eczema Cream and Damasc Rose Skin Cream) are wonderful! Mme. N.J., France.

I have had good results with my eye, I suffer with blepharitis, inflammation of the eyes caused by streptoccol bacteria. Since startting taking my serapeptase It is much better and no longer need drops for my eyes which I am thankful for. Mrs. S.D. UK

I tried the Hay Fever Oil in April. My sneezing, runny nose and eyes just went! The result was immediate. Mr. J-M.C.

I started to use your Rasberrry Ketone Lean a month ago and since then I feel less hungry and have lost the need for a mid morning snack and a sugar boost. It makes my life a lot easier as, with working irregular hours, my meal times are variable. Mme. Fabienne D, Dept 88, France.

Absolutely brilliant!!! This box (24 hole Bamboo Essential Oil Storage) is even better quality than the seller delighted with this I am going to order another one shortly….quick prompt good service.. thanks. Amazon UK customer.

Regarding your Serrapeptase, it really has done me a lot of good. I have recommended it to a lot of my friends. Mme. A.D. 06130, France.

After just 72 hours of using your Oil for Eczema for my child of 7 months all the redness has gone and there is hardly a sign! Another very satisfied customer. Mme. S.B St.Denis. Reunion.

It was after the onset of influenza-like condition, (slight cold, headache) that I have taken 1 Serrapeptase capsule, every hour, for 1 day. The same evening, the symptoms had disappeared and I was in good shape the following morning. The effect of Serrapeptase has been radical in my case. A very significant outcome. Mrs. S S. The Vosges, France.

I purchased a jar of your E.C.Z. cream for my husband who suffers very badly with eczema. He has tried many products over the years, including prescribed treatments from doctors, but says your product is very good and produces the best results. Would you please send me by post three jars of E.C.Z. skin cream Many thanks for your help. Mrs. J. P. Warwickshire

I am someone who is by nature rather stressed and normally I do not sleep well at all. Since I have started taking the Passiflora Incarnata capsules, I sleep much better, I get to sleep with no problem and I wake far less often in the night. Also I am now more relaxed. I do not like taking sleeping tablets (from my doctor) and find this natural product is all that I need is good for my health. Mme. S.D. France.

For many months I have suffered from tendonitis in my right shoulder. I tried the acupuncture machine (Healthpoint Self Administered Electro Stimulation), with Panacea 7 Cream which has relieved my pain enormously. It is marvellous because I no longer have to endure any pain in my work.” Mme G. Les Vosges, France.

I have used your Tea Tree Ointment to treat my verrucas. It worked very well . Mme. MC.

Just to say thank you as, immediately after the first application (of the ECZ Oil, (for 1 Year old), there is an improvement. The second day the redness has gone and there is almost nothing. I will continue the treatment. Thank you again for this fabulous remedy. Mme. DT, Réunion.

As one of the greatest sceptics in the world, I was not too inclined to try Serrapeptase, despite all the things you had told me about it. I had read reports on the net, which I rather took with a pinch of salt. So, I reckon I can be counted as good case study for the stuff. Slowly at first but progressively, my life has got better since I started to take Serrapeptase. My knees are less swollen and far less painful and the rest of my joints are equally good. I hardly limp any more and recently was able to run to the outside hut to turn off the water when my wife reversed the car over the water stand pipe! I am really impressed. Thank you for then information and the suggestion. Mr. R, USA.

Hello, I am sending another order for the Oil for Eczema (which I find very efficient). I also want to treat my daughter who is just 4 so am ordering the oil against Eczema for Children as well. Mme. V.H. France.

“We have just brought back from Spain, thus saving it from a certain death by torture, a levrier (greyhound type) with very serious body injuries as well as having had two operations on the hips. We wanted to treat this dog naturally. Nathalie & John had already advised us of the benefits of “Serra 4 Pet” (Serrapeptase for animals), used to treat arthritis and other animal ailments. After just one week of taking “Serra 4 Pet” I saw an obvious benefit; A clear change of behaviour, but equally, an increase in weight, which I have not been able to achieve before with any of our other dogs. This weight benefit was rapid, quite something when taking into account the suffering the animal had endured. The proof is clear for all to see. I am always keen to use natural treatments and thank Nathalie & John for having suggested we use “Serra 4 Pet” on Aleris.
We have, with pleasure, put this information on our web site
Jérôme Guillot, (Presidént of CREL) 88430, Corcieux, France.
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