Psychotherapy Through Art

Psychotherapy Through Art
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Business Name: Psychotherapy Through Art
Contact Name: Giora Carmi
Online business?: Yes
State: New York
Town/City: 530 West 113 St. #2A, New York
Post/Zip Code: 10025
Short Business Description: Providing clear guidance in:
Letting go of psychological blocks;
Discovering steady joy;
And evolving independently towards freedom.
All done through art
Long Business Description:

What is my work?

I decided to write about what I do as if it is a conversation.

What is your work good for?

For two things:
1. Changing things in the psychological realm.
2. A spiritual path, for people who want to evolve through art.

What is the psychological realm?

All that belongs to thinking, feeling and behaving. Much of it may feel good. And much of it may not feel good. When the things that don’t feel good are repetitious, it may be called a psychological problem or difficulty. 
Thinking, feeling and behaving are connected and can be changed. The aim is to eliminate those things that don’t feel good. The result can be living with less suffering and more joy. You can also say that healing psychological problems brings to the person freedom from some limitations.

Can a person be completely healed psychologically?

Theoretically yes, though I believe it almost never happens.
But people can become so much freer than they are.

What is special about your method?

I’d say it is a non-psychological way to heal from psychological problems.
I discovered that all the psychological problems start in the same way and can be resolved with the same solution. It does not mean that we are copies of each other. But each of us, in our own ways, can use the same solution to his or her unique problems.

You can see already another unique feature: I teach, guide and support people in healing themselves. The result is that at some point you take over and start to heal yourself independently. You can always call me if you get stuck or if you are not sure of something and I’ll help you through.

The use of art is not unique to me alone but to all art therapists. But I use art in a different way. In my way the method of making art activates your intuition. Then intuition takes over and guides both of us in the process of healing.
There are more unique things but I’ll stop here.

Why do you claim that your method is a spiritual path?

The aim of a spiritual path is to prepare us for the experiential recognition of who we really are. What stands in the way of recognizing that, is a whole system of subconscious beliefs and expectations. These thought patterns think themselves without our awareness of them. They respond for us to our circumstances and determine how our life proceeds. Most of these hidden thoughts block us from living freely and joyfully. Some of these create the psychological problems and others don’t. But all of them turn us into people who are conditioned to behave, think and feel in the same ways repeatedly. To be free means that our uniqueness, that I also call our intuition, interacts directly with our circumstances, without the filtering layer of those subconscious thoughts.

Intuition represents here the true self. When our true self, and not our habits, starts acting for us, we become much closer to the recognition that this intuition is actually who-we-are. Intuition is just the knowingness in our true self. There is much more in it, like spontaneous love toward everything, unstoppable joy and power that does not require any effort, to choose how our life is lived.
The method is very good and clear for both eliminating subconscious beliefs and, at the same time, letting intuition guide us. Very quickly, relative to other approaches, we come to the state in which it becomes possible to experientially recognize who we are.
This method is especially good for people who love to make art, because the best way to know who you are is through what you love.

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Business Phone Number: 212-662-7604
Business Fax: same, call first
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Testimonials: It has been almost a year of having met you. Since then I was able to let go of my lifetime depression, my attachment to struggle to survive, my huge levels of anxiety, all under your patient and loving guidance.

The voice of your intuition is real and feels like the truth, even to me.

I’m moving to Sweden. Just wanted to tell you this: I’m staying focused and true to myself, what you taught me to do.

I am so happy that you came into my life as my art therapist. It has been a nice journey…. From not having direction, the art therapy gave me the ability to accept and love my deficiencies and through that ultimately gave me the confidence to find my true purpose.

Your work is so precisely what we care about and what we want to promote.

I sincerely would like to thank you for your work.
 From now on I am going to see our work together as a spiritual class. 


The restlessness is gone today and there is no separation between me and the part that I feared so much, so much. I felt more connected and feel this way still.

It worked! hehe. I just want to say thank you for all your help and giving me a place inside myself to go to when everything gets too crazy.
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