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Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel
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My mission is to create Flying Inspiration Centres all around the world where women can find help to explore their inner potential, discover their dreams and create the life they want.
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My vision is to create the Woman of the XXI Century, who feels good in her body and goes for her dreams with confidence and peace in her heart, and the Man of the XXI Century, who lives harmoniously with women, respects them and is in contact with his feminine energy.

My mission is to create Flying Inspiration Centres all around the world where women can find help to explore their inner potential, discover their dreams and create the life they want.

With my coaching, workshops, personal sessions and intensive days I educate women about their female cycle and help them find their period power, their cycle wisdom and make their feminine cycle their best friend!

To understand and learn to enjoy one’s own female cycle for a woman is very freeing, empowering, and an exhilarating journey that you don’t want to miss for anything in the world!

These are the services that Flying Inspiration can offer:

  • help for women to discover their inner beauty and wisdom by understanding the creative process taking place in their female body every month through workshops and personal sessions.
  • help for couples, when the female cycle is a problem, to go to the next level in their intimate life by using the benefits of the different energies of the female cycle.  The partners learn to understand each other better and  create a stronger bond in their relationships workshops and couple sessions.
  • intensive days called ‘Fly with the Feminine Intensive’ for those of you who are perhaps more courageous and who want to go deep and reach the next level fast; contact me for details


If you want to discover more about your feminine cycle you can attend a workshop:

  • ‘Flying Solo I, Fly with the Feminine’ for basic knowledge and learn how to start tracking your feminine cycle in your daily life
  • ‘Flying Solo II, Fly with the Feminine’ for advanced knowledge about your feminine cycle after you have been practicing for few months with the information you learnt at ‘Flying Solo I, Fly with the Feminine’ and you want to go to the next level in your life with this work tailored for you
  • ‘Flying Dual’ for learning about your feminine cycle in a couple context and resolve issues that you might have in your intimate relationship with your partner

or you can have a personal session with Gabriella:

  • ‘Personal Session’ for learning about your feminine cycle in a more private context than in a group
  • ‘Personal Session with your partner’ for learning about your feminine cycle with your partner and resolve couple issues in a more private context than in a group

or you can opt for a VIP service and have an intensive day with Gabriella:

  • ‘Intensive’ day if you want to have a tailor made day all to yourself with Gabriella where you can go deep and learn more about yourself as a woman and have an action plan at the end with some follow-up coaching sessions


Antarctic Odyssey A New Beginning‘ – ‘An inspiring story of a woman reborn’



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0779 630 6774
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Katy Evans
“I loved the Flying Solo I workshop with Gabriella, she is an extremely sensitive yet dynamic and motivational woman. I learned how the contraception I was using in my 20s could have been suppressing my intuition and feelings, possibly leading to times of doubt and confusion. As young women, we are just often not given all the information and not told about the wisdom of our bodies and how we can use it to our advantage. What I took from the workshop was a new perspective on my cycle and a greater understanding of what is going on in my body and mind at various times. For example, at the time of writing this, I am in my “autumn” phase (Gabriella compares each section of the cycle to a season, she told us that autumn is a time of introspection, letting go, having doubts as the inner critic can be strong at this time). This has been a revelation, because in my “spring” season I made a pretty big/expensive decision about something and was positive and sure about it; however last week I started having doubts as my logical, rational side became stronger and questioned the choice! In the past I would have spiraled into negative thinking and doubt, but now I can be aware of this inner critic at this time of the cycle and instead choose to acknowledge it, thank it for its concern, but carry on with my choice anyway. How empowering! My heartfelt thanks go to Gabriella and I urge everyone who reads it who is menstruating to go on the course!”

Juliette Jeanclaude
“I learned so much in one day about my feminine cycle! I was so happy when my period came 3 weeks after the workshop! Why? Because I now know this time is sacred. I now see my cycle through a different perspective, not only on a biological level but also emotional and I know what I need to do to feel in harmony with it. Gabriella is a fantastic facilitator who offers a very safe space for women to share their experience. I recommend this workshop to any woman, from any age, who wants to understand their body better and discover the immense power of the feminine cycle!”

Cathy Johnson
“I had no idea that there could be any sort of parallel between the seasons cycles and my own cycle! Knowing this has allowed me to be more acceping of how I feel at any given point in my menstrual cycle and harness the energy when I have it!”

Josephine F Curneen
“As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I regularly work with women who find themselves at the mercy of their menstrual cycle and have long been aware of the connection to the negative psychological programming which we women have been subjected to for hundreds of years. I was therefore keen to explore the claim ‘’ your cycle can make you powerful’’ and so signed up for the Flying Solo Workshop. I was not disappointed. Gabriella’s wonderfully enthusiastic presentation made it an extremely enjoyable day and her obvious passion for her subject is infectious. Women everywhere could benefit from her insight.”

Isabella Colombo
“What I have learnt at Flying Solo I is priceless for me! I am a very busy woman and what I know now about my cycle is very powerful, useful and practical! What I used to consider a problem is now my best ally and I am going to treasure my cycle for the rest of my life, I feel I am eventually whole! I recommend any woman to learn this stuff otherwise she can’t live fully!”

Julie Carden
“I found your workshop very inspirational. Everything you said made sense and opened my eyes to the simplicity and the common sense that surrounds the complexities of our lives as women. As a woman, my eyes have been opened to the deeper needs of my own body that I realised I had been ignoring, which may explain some of my inexplainable frustrations! I now feel a calm within, due to my ability to put my feelings into categories, some sort of order, whereas before I tended to feel confusion and frustration at my changing feelings. Thank you again for such an interesting and enjoyable day. The time went so quickly.”

Petra Ivan
“I went to Flying Solo I workshop not knowing what to expect and was really pleasantly surprised! I found out that there is so much more to womanhood, that the cycle plays such a major role in a woman’s life and it is such a gift! I now know why I become moody and sad every month and value it as a tool to be more myself and successful, wow! Thanks Gabriella for opening me to such a profound world! My life will never be the same again!”

Abi Foss
“I think it is such a shame that women have been brought up to see their cycle as some kind of biological inconvenience, to the point where some women take pills to stop it all together. What we are never taught is that women change throughout the month, not just biologically but emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually. Once you understand these changes you can work with them, not against them. I am amazed at how powerful I have found this knowledge to be. I always used to suffer with PMT (and so did my poor family!) but now I actually look forward to being pre-menstrual; I know how to manage it and it is my most creative time. Gabriella knows her subject and teaches it passionately. I wish every woman would take this workshop and learn about their cycle and how powerful it is.”

Lubna Hamid
“Flying Solo I has been superb, it has enabled me to find out how to be myself with my menstrual cycle, it has enhanced my perception on how to deal with my emotions every day, it has dug deep down and I have come out of it refreshed, thanks Gabriella!”

Christiane Pedros
“My menstrual cycle used to be quite chaotic, I had an enthusiastic phase and then a down phase not knowing what was going on within myself, now I know how to manage it, I have practical tools and know how to take care of myself. Every woman should have this knowledge! Thanks Gabriella for it!”

Nette Hargreaves
“Attending the Flying Solo I workshop gave me insights into the powers and energies of my menstrual cycle that were completely unknown to me! This is such valuable knowledge that I feel every woman should give herself the gift of learning this! I now feel that I have a greater insight into the different phases of my cycle and how to use the energy of each in an empowering way.”

Georgina Druce
“I have learnt so much about myself! The content is so great, an area I had not stopped to think about. By following my cycle I am going to be in my flow and be more productive. It is so obvious when you take the time to learn how to use your inner cycle to achieve success and abundance, thank you Gabriella!”

Donna Thompson
“If you want to become aware of your own natural rhythm and the fluctuating energy levels throughout your menstrual cycle attend Flying Solo I. Armed with this valuable information I will now be able to better plan my activities throughout the month, ensuring that I make the most of my creativity and also recognising when my body needs to rest. The insight gained from this workshop has already helped me both at work and at home. I would urge every woman to meet with Gabriella and learn what she has to offer. Get in touch with your inner guide!”

Lollie Garcez
“What a great workshop with some amazing new learnings. The question is … How is it that I never got to hear of this until now?
Gabriella’s enthusiastic delivery of Flying Solo I is not only highly informative, it evokes personal enquiry, a space for creative visualisation and the tools for an ongoing voyage of deeper self discovery.”

Sam Cowan
“Every month as I cycle through my ‘seasons’ I feel intensely grateful to Gabriella and the other lovely women at my Flying Solo I course for helping me tune into my body’s wisdom in this deep and soulful way. It is a real gift and a whole new way of experiencing the passing of time and of embodying the feminine. My wish is for these teachings to become part of our collective culture, so that they can empower us all. Until such time, thank you Gabriella for the passion that you have to share this valuable work one workshop at a time.”

Alanah Faith Larielle
“I thoroughly enjoyed the Flying Solo I workshop with Gabriella. It was a real delight to spend a day with fellow women and to share the intimate experiences of our moon cycles. The knowledge we learnt was so empowering and I am so excited about incorporating it into my daily life. I am also grateful to be able to share this wisdom with my daughter when she starts her cycle. It is such a revelation to learn how to optimise the phases of your cycle and to truly enjoy every day of your cycle. The day was beautifully facilitated by Gabriella and there was a perfect blend of activities from teaching and practical exercises, to sharing, dancing and meditation. The time just flew by!! Thank you Gabriella for sharing the wisdom of our cycles and I whole heartedly encourage every woman who wants to learn more about herself and her cycle to go along to one of Gabriella’s workshops and also to every man who wants to learn more about the women in his life too!”

Golnaz Alibagi
“Having never attended a workshop like this before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was amazed at how beneficial the workshop was for me. Not only did it give me an opportunity to find out more about how my cycle affects my mood and makes me act in certain ways, but it also helped me deal with a number of personal issues, I had previously blocked out. For me, the visualisations were the most amazing part, leading me to remember memories – many very happy ones – I had chosen to forsake for many years. In fact, it hardly felt like a workshop at all, but more like a group of really good friends getting together for a natter – although we had only met that day! I would throughly recommend the workshop to anyone who would like to learn more about their cycle and understand how they can use it to empower them in their lives.”

Sue Mitchell
“I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of Gabriella’s workshops – I found it informative and informal. “Periods or womens problems” however you like to describe them can be a very dreary subject – Gabriella makes learning fun – she opens up a whole new vista on the problems women face in this day and age, and how they can be turned into an advantage. Well done Gabriella!”
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